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I THINK I have wonderful whims installed correctly and the game settings are on however the whims aren’t working. HELP please!


What do you mean the whims aren't working?

Do you refer to the base game mechanic of Sims' whims or to the mod?

Bonjour, Je ne peux pas télécharger Wonderful Whims ni Wicked Whims. 

A chaque fois que je veux le télécharger, le téléchargement s'ouvre, se fait et une fois finis et que je cliques dessus, ca ce supprime...


Did you try all of the available links, as well as different browsers?

Hi there! First off, have to say: Wonderful Whims adds so much to the game and I love using it, so thank you! One thing I have encountered as of today, though, is that the "try for baby" option is missing entirely. I removed each one of my mods and went in game multiple times to try to pinpoint the source and it was only when I took out Wonderful Whims that the try for baby option popped up again. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


That is the correct behavior.

WonderfulWhims takes that option out, so now if you want your Sims to have babies, you need them to WooHoo in their fertile days, as well as make sure they're not using birth control.

You can also bring the "Try for Baby" interaction back in Wonderful Settings but where's the fun in that?

Ah, ok! Must've missed that in the notes. Thank you so much!

love it

Hey, recently I've had a bug to do with Wonderful Whims where every time I try to open my sims sim profile it never comes up and just plays the music? I've taken all mods out and it still doesn't work. Please help! 


By "taken all the mods out" do you also mean WonderfulWhims?

Hey not really important but is there any guide on how to actually understand the debug function notifications? I'd love to be able to better understand the way the mod itself is working since I find it super interesting. Sorry if this bothers you I'm just super curious


There is no guide really, these informations are mainly for TURBO.

I can't get my game to register the new version of Wonderful Whims that ive downloaded. Ive cleared out my mods folder almost to nothing, delete the old folder, download the new version, but whenever i start my game up, it says im running v10. Help?

Hi, I found a bug in Wonderful Whims. My sims find other sims either attractive or very attractive. And I don't get a notification if my sim finds someone very attractive. Could you please fix it? The storytelling is enabled. 

Thank you


For the notification to show up, a Sim needs to be Extremely attractive, so it is quite rare.

i just downloaded this mod and i want to change a couple of things in settings... but... i'm not sure how to access the settings. 
if someone could help out that'd be appreciated :


Click basically anywhere, select Wonderful -> Settings... and voila.

Hi, I'm having a problem with the attractiveness feature. I ignored the option to add preferences in the cas likes and dislikes so I could do it in game but I'm not getting any storytelling notifications/moodlets. I checked the settings to make sure the option was enabled, disabled then re-enabled it and it still didn't work. There's also no option to scope the surroundings when I click on my sim anymore

Deleted 141 days ago

This is NOT a place for questions about WickedWhims.

If you have questions about that mod there are other ways of recieving help.

Hi! I downloaded the newest update and now the wicked whims mod doesn't work at all. I have installed it properly yes, is it the new pack?


Don't use WickedWhims along with WonderfulWhims, it will break your game.

Choose Wicked or WonderfulWhims and stick with that.

I only use wicked whims I don't have wonderful whims downloaded, I just encountered this problem today of it just suddenly not working and so I'm just asking around trying to get answers. 

Well then this isn't really the place to discuss WickedWhims. There are other channels of communication if you have problem with that mod.

Hi, so I'm on my mac and none of the recommend applications will extract the folder I need for it to work. It worked before but with the new  update it doesn't anymore. Have any others had this problem, and do any mac users have a solution?

Hi so I use a mac and I use Keka to extract zip folders and it still works for me. I hope this helps! 

so I just got an alert for my sims first period so I was excited because the menstrual portion of the mod was working and my sims woohooed and my sim had a lot of choice like applying tampons and taking a pregnancy test. Now I don't get those options. To add on to that when all the options popped up on the toilet i also had the choice for my sims to "try for a baby". So i'm not sure whats going on with it. 

Hey! These options don't show up for Sims that don't have a menstrual cycle, so Sims that cannot be impregnated. Did you alter that Sim CAS in any way?

No, I had gotten notifications about my sims me stuck cycle and got the options to take a fertility test on the toilet but the period never came and the options went away. I set the my sims menstrual cycle to short so I could see if it was working but it still never came.

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Does anyone else have an issue with v19 that the profile panel suddenly stops showing up? It was working fine few days ago, I'm not sure which version exactly broke it  :(

Hey! So far this issue is related to the game itself so not much can be done to resolve it. We have to wait for the next game patch to address it.


I really like your mod but there is a problem. I think since V15 I don't get notifications that I am crushing on someone when I just talk to that sim (not by scooping around) . I have V19, but still I don't get a notification when I found someone who is (extremely) atractive. 

What should I do? Because it affects my gameplay.

Thank you

Hey! Not seeing a reason for this to not work. Did you perhaps disable the "Attractiveness Memory Storytelling" setting? That would cause this feature to not do anything.

Hi! It is enabled but I still don't get notifications. Would you please fix it? Thank you!


the mod conflicts with the new career, the game doesn't identify the customer and can't know their preferences


Are you using the v19 release?

yes, I fixed removing the mod and reentering in career

ok, so now im having a problem where i've downloaded the newest version of this mod and im getting an error notification about wonderful whims saying something along the lines of "check mods/files requiring wonderful whims to work" an it pops up anytime i try to make my two sims interact. Please help.


Make sure to download the v19 version which was just released, see if that helps.

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I'm getting constant errors about the attractiveness system. It doesn't really affect my game play, but it's super annoying.

Version: | OS: Windows 10.0.19042 | Created at: 2021-06-02 08:46:03.406986

  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Core\sims4\importer\", line 120, in import_modules_by_path

Cause:   Failure: 'wickedwhims/relationships/features/attractiveness/traits/sim' (wickedwhims.relationships.features.attractiveness.traits.sim)
     name 'get_rsid' is not defined

I don't even have ww, i have wonderful whims :/ is there a fix for this?


Update WonderfulWhims to the v19 version which just released, see if that helps!

Hi! I need help with this mod. A message pops up all the time with text that the game doesnt find the script file. Everything is done corectlly :(


There may be a problem with a missing file... you could try deleting and re-downloading the mod. Also be sure to have your script mods only one sub folder deep. and make sure you unzip the package file before dropping it into your mods folder.

ex: Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods>Subfolder

Should look something like this:

Yes i did that but still is saying about missing file :(

Make sure to turn on Script Mods in your Game Options as well.

So I have a male Sim with the hypofertile trait. He had exactly 2 woohoos with 2 different female Sims and both got pregnant. Their fertility awareness test were at 92% and 100% since they were ovulating. Now how exactly is the chance calculated here? As far as I know male fertility is taken into account, I'd just like to know how exactly and if I should be concerned that this Sim did indeed managed to knock 2 Sims up with this trait.

Hey! There's absolutely no way for fertility awareness to state that these Sims had anything more than 1% of a chance if they had the Hypofertile trait. Sorry, I don't have any explanation for it, that's just not possible.

Hi, i love this mod so much! ...though my only problem with it is that all my npc sims are getting pregnant, and I do want npcs to be able to get pregnant i just wish it wasnt EVERY npc lol...

Hi, I'm looking for the option to adjust 'NPC Sims Birth Control Use Behavior'. For some reason, I do not have this option anywhere in my WW menu, even though I have donwloaded the latest version. Was it removed? Thank you for any help you can provide.

I have the same issue I think it got removed in the update :( hopefully it gets added back!

Hey! Yes, these settings were removed because they actually didn't do anything, it was a mistake that they were present in the mod. You have other settings to adjust if and when Sims use birth control and additional options in Sim inventory when clicking on the items.


Hoiii, I love your mods especially the wicked and wonderful whims, Do you ever think about creating a mod that's a in the middle of Wicked and Wonderful Whims( A mod that has nudity and naturalism but isn't that detailed when the sims whoohoo?


if u dont download the animations it just has the nuditity but no detailed wohoo and u can sort it in settings for wtds etc im not sure if thats what you meant but hope this helps>



As ava.elrose said, you can turn individual settings in WickedWhims off. There are no plans to create a mod that you're describing, as WickedWhims itself can function the way you want it.

Also, please note that this is a WonderfulWhims related site, and not a suitable place to discuss NSFW features.

Oh I didn't know that I apologize for posting NSFW features here. How do you turn it off? If it optional I can give you my discord. 

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You'd have to go into the Settings and turn off switches for each of these settings that you don't want in the game.

It might seem like a lot, but it'd just take you 2-3 minutes. After you've done that, you can click the Settings Control option, export your settings, and then just import them into every new save, so you don't have to go through every option again every time you start a new game.

Okay, thank you very much!! ^-^

Hi there! First, I want to say that I love your mod and thank you for creating it; it is one of my absolute favorite mods for the sims. I am, however, having a recurring issue that I wanted to make you aware of in case there was a possible fix for it later.

The issue I am encountering is with genetically female sims becoming pregnant every time they are abducted by aliens. Before posting here, I did some testing to find the problem because I originally thought it was due to MCCC or the combination of multiple script mods. However, after uninstalling and then testing individually each script mod I use in game (each mod had its own save so there would be no crossover of mods), WonderfulWhims was the only one to result in abduction pregnancies in genetic females. And in my experience so far, the abduction pregnancy rate for these sims is 100%. 

Turning off the "Override Game/Mods Pregnancy" option does appear to solve the issue; however, I am concerned that I am missing out on a significant aspect of the mod by having it off.  Anyway, I thought I would alert you that this issue exists in case you were not aware, as well as let anyone else who might have been experiencing the same issue know what I discovered. 

*Please note that I have not tested if there is any change to the abduction pregnancy for genetic males at this time. 

Hello! I have only one reoccuring issue: pregnant sims cannot pregnancy test. I have Try For Baby enabled, so I make my sims test immediately after. What I've found is that if it was unsuccessful, I will have the option on the toilet to use a test. If the attempt worked, there is no such option. I only find out the sim is pregnant through MCC commander. That, Wonderful Whims and Slice of Life are the only script mods I have, and I'm wondering why the option isn't showing up? I have the latest mod version. Thanks!


The way you worded your issue is a little bit confusing for me.

What exactly is the issue?

Hi, I think what they were trying to say was that, if their sims tries for a baby and they're successful than the "take pregnancy test" option will not appear on the toilet, but when they're unsuccessful in conceiving the option for "take pregnancy test" will appear on the toilet.

 I think their problem is that the "take pregnancy test" option is disappearing when they successfully try for a baby... 

they also noted that the only other script mods they have installed are MCCC and slice of life

*hopefully that made sense :)*


Please help. My game is saying fatal error for this mod. Ive tried everything it wont work


What does the Fatal Error message say exactly?

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There may be a problem where you are missing a file in the mod. Just delete the mod and re-download. Also be sure you only have script mods one subfolder deep 

ex: Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods>Subfolder


for some reason the mod won't show up in game?? there's no pie menu or anything :(
my game is up to date and i've tried redownloading, idk whats going on 


What's your version of the game? Did you check if you've made an error during installation:

So my error says FATAL ERROR 


TURBODRIVER_WonderfulWhims_Scrip.ts4scripyfile is missing.

Oh never mind I fixed it :I

PLEEEAAASSEEEE ME TOO! HOW DID YOU FIX IT!?!!?!?!? I can't figure it out :(

Sounds like you either put the mod files too deep and the game doesn't see them or you didn't turn on the Script Mods in the game's options.

I do have script mods on, i double checked that. what do you mean i put them too deep :(

The mod shouldn't be located any "deeper" than Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/WonderfulWhimsMod path.

It can be directly in the Mods folder or one folder deep, but any deeper than that and the game won't see the mod correctly.

Hi! my female sims aren't getting their periods at all no clue why even when i update the mod any help?


Do you have other mods installed? What's your version of the game? Does the problem persist when WonderfulWhims is the only mod in the game? Are there any exception files generated?

I think the Slice of life mod was conflicting with it i have no clue why though, i removed the period from the SLF mod and it still wouldn't let my sims have a period from the wonderful whims if that makes sense. Anyway i just wanted to say i fixed the problem! sorry about that haha

hey pleasee help me how did you fix it I have the same problem I removed the "cycle" from slice of life but my sims just don't get their period?! pls helpp

do i need to create a new save to atractive works? Cause the mod works correctly but the attractiveness doesn’t work on my old save, just in the new, anyone can help me? “Sorry my broken english, im brazilian”



I'm not sure if I understand. What does it mean that it's not working? Did you maybe change some settings and turned if off by accident?

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So, for some reason, I can't do the 'scope the surroundings' option or see gender preferences. For example, "100% male" and "10% female." Do you know how to fix that? 

Hey. The option to scope surroundings only shows up if there are other Sims very close around your Sim. There never was an option to see another Sim gender preference, but you can use the debug functions by shift+clicking on Sims.

(Sorry if you get questions about that a lot) Did you ever consider or are there any future plans on adding more possibilites for possible infertility? Like adding a system with Sims having menopause, PCOS or Endometriosis. I know it sounds like a lot but I figured that way fertility treatments could be more useful.

Hey! There is no pronounced menopause feature, but elder women Sims already don't experience the menstrual cycle and are infertile. Additionally, the Hypofertile attribute you can assign is meant to introduce severe fertility issues making it very difficult.

Otherwise, I don't have any plans for introducing these conditions, but there's still plenty to do, so who knows.

Hi! I was looking for the spanish translation but the link to the patreon is empty? idk how to say it aaa
It goes to Tytta Marzh's patreon but says "This patron isn’t supporting any creators at the moment." and doesn't show anything else, so... what do i do? (sorry for google traductor english lol)


Well it does appear to be gone unfortunately. Not much to be done, unless someone makes a new translation.

I cant get the WonderfulWhims to work it said it had a error it was the first thing that popped on my screen when I was in the game.


What did the error say?

Was there an exception file generated?

I cant get into the sims 4 right now because my computer is glitchy but I will let you know when I can.


Hopefully you've already been able to resolve your problem, but if not it could be that you're missing a file just try deleting the mod and re-downloading. Also be sure to have your script mods only one subfoler deep! ex: Documents>Electronic Arts> The Sims 4>Mods>Subfolder

Hopefully this helps! :)

So,I have the legacy edition and everytime I open The Sims 4,it says I have the V12 of Wonderful Whims and should download the V13. Does anyone have the link of the old version?


WonderfulWhims doesn't even support Legacy Edition of The Sims 4, so I'm not sure that'd help!

does anybody have older version that works with


No, just update your game!

Deleted 171 days ago

I hope so that would be so sick


That's very unlikely to happen.

Also, please keep in mind that this is a page about WonderfulWhims, and things related to WickedWhims shouldn't be discussed on here!


Deleted 174 days ago
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This is not the place to post problems related to WickedWhims, as this is a WonderfulWhims site.
If you have a problem with WickedWhims, there are other ways to go about recieving help!

Why cant I have wicked whims and wonderful whims in my game at the same time? I can only have either or in my game and it works perfectly fine. When I put both of them together I get a text saying that my game is not able to find my wonderful whims mod. I know they both are downloaded perfectly fine in my mods folder cause they work alone perfectly fine... Are they not compatible ?


Yes, they are very much not compatible, because they're basically the same mod.

They have the same functions, the only difference between them is that WickedWhims offers NSFW features, while WonderfulWhims is completely SFW.

If you feel comfortable using WickedWhims you have no need for WonderfulWhims, as it's basically a stripped down version of that mod.

If, however you find that you don't want to see your Sims doing NSFW stuff you download and use WonderfulWhims so that you can use the stuff like Menstrual Cycle, Birth Control etc. without having to bleach your eyes afterwards.

Oh okay thank you! 

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