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Supported Game Versions:
1.93.146 (Nov 22), 1.94.147 (Jan 17), 1.95.207 (Jan 31)

(Legacy Edition is unsupported)

WonderfulWhims v38

January 19th, 2023

Update Patch Notes

WonderfulWhims Website

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What is WonderfulWhims?

WonderfulWhims is a standalone mod that offers plenty of social, relationship, and pregnancy enhancements in forms of Attractiveness, Impressions, Personality Archetypes, Menstrual Cycle, Birth Control and many more.
Do you want your Sims to have a fully featured Menstrual Cycle? Or use Birth Control for WooHoo? Maybe you want them to be attracted to certain things or recognize personality? Try WonderfulWhims!

New custom interactions, custom mechanics, custom skills, custom traits, custom moodlets, custom objects, custom story progression and enhancements to existing gameplay.


(all features can be disabled or tweaked)

Attractiveness (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Live in a world where every Sim has their own style and preferences that affect everybody
  • Refine your own style and define your own preferences
  • Encounter storytelling situations that make your Sims heart beat faster
  • Learn what others are into and try to impress them with your looks 

Impressions / Personalities (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Learn Sims personality archetypes and share your unique view on the world
  • Use your new special social interactions to voice your personality preference
  • Compatibility with personality traits made by Chingyu, Kuttoe, and Kiara 

Menstrual Cycle (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Watch Sims experience the magic of a fully-featured Menstrual Cycle with hormonal effects, periods, and variable fertility
  • Purchase tampons and pads to fight against the menstrual bleeding and get the ‘Extra Absorbency’ Reward Store trait to improve their absorbency
  • Learn about your fertility by purchasing the Fertility Awareness Test available to use on toilets
  • Consider going through the Fertility Treatment service to improve your chances of getting pregnant
  • Optionally switch to the Simple Pregnancy Mode and use flat percentage chances for pregnancy 

Birth Control (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Avoid getting pregnant by using condoms and birth control pills
  • Fully compatible and functioning with WooHoo and Try for Baby interactions
  • Compatibility with the ‘WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul’ mod by Lumpinou


Crabs STD (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Sims can catch Crabs through WooHoo with infected Sims or sleeping in infested beds
  • Sims slowly experience the process of catching Crabs through multiple moodlet stages
  • Special Lice Killing Shampoo to use in a shower or bathtub
  • Special ‘Crabs Immune’ Satisfaction Reward Store trait
  • Ability to ask other Sims about their health


Relationship Additions

  • Ability to have multiple romantic non-committed and committed partners with the ‘Open Relationships’ function
  • Ability to disable jealousy on individual Sims with the ‘Polyamours’ Wonderful Attribute
  • Ability to disable jealousy for all Sims via Settings
  • Ability to ask multiple Sims at once to ‘Stay the Night’


Pregnancy Scientific Donation

  • Sims can decide to donate their unborn baby to science during the first or second trimester via Phone


Pregnancy Additions

  • Ability to modify the entire pregnancy duration
  • Sims Pregnancy Test doesn’t always result in negative moodlets unless Sim has the ‘Family Oriented’ trait
  • Sims leave a puddle when their water breaks


  • Ability to use Pose Player poses and animations
  • Dynamic positioning interface for adjusting posing Sims position and rotation 

WooHoo Enhancements

  • Ability to enable pregnancy for all WooHoo interactions (merge Try for Baby interactions with WooHoo interactions)



  •  Sims visibly sweat when performing vigorous actions
  • Ability to wash off sweat by taking a bath or showering
  • Special ‘No Sweat’ satisfaction Reward Store trait


Persistent Boredom

  • Sims remember their conversations for 8 hours and will react in boredom if talked to about the same topics


Wonderful Attributes

  • Give and Take Away minor traits without usage of CAS or the Reward Store
  • ‘Socially Avoidant’ trait which makes Sims simply not interested in talking to anybody unless they have to
  • ‘Post-Puberty’ trait for Teen Sims to no longer experience the effects of going through puberty
  • ‘Hypofertile’ trait to introduce significant difficulties conceiving a child




Minor Game Bug Fixes

  • Random Clothes on Bathing Outfit Fix
  • ASM States Error Suppression
  • Missing Proximity Buff Error Suppression
  • Incorrect Mixer Death Reactions Fix

All available commands are listed with the use of the ‘ww.commands’ command


  • WickedWhims



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WonderfulWhims v38 - 19 January 2023 (191516).zip 23 MB

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hi, I hope you see my question! I have been trying to get my sim pregnant for sim-years and years, and it isn’t working. She’s gotten pregnant before, and I had wonderful whims then. The difference now is that her husband died and she brought him back as a ghost. I added a mod to make it so they could still try for baby but I am highly suspicious that it is conflicting and resulting in her not getting pregnant. She even had the fertility treatment and didn’t get pregnant on her ovulation day. Can you help? Do you know if this is a real conflict that I can resolve or just bad luck? 

Hii i tried to download and it says its missing a file im not sure whats wrong://


Where does it say that you're missing a file?

mine is also saying the same. its saying that the script is missing but its showing up at startup

Hi! It says im missing a file, ive tried reinstalling it but it doesnt work?


Can you show a screenshot of your WonderfulWhimsMod folder and where it's installed?

Hey! Since the newest update of wonderful whims I'm not getting the ability to use the pose feature. Was this removed?


Where did you download the mod from?

Hello, when developing preferences sims in the world, basically all, as far as I could see, get a strong preference for body hair. This has been tested with only WW installed, and to recreate it you could for example "Auto" then "Moderate" or "Heavy". The Light one works, but I don't want that setting where no sims find another unattractive or very unattractive. I want the balance of "Moderate" but it makes everyone crazy mad about body hair and I don't want that either.


TURBO's aware of the fact that the attractiveness needs to be expanded upon, and it will be in the future!

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I am not sure if it sonly me but the part of that they can see who they find attractive does not work for me in CAS i can put there preference but when meeting a person it does not say if they like them or not


You need to use the "Sim Profile" interaction that was introduced in the game several updates ago.

Is this how you check the attractiveness?

Hi! My sim keeps getting pregnant, although she's on birthcontrol and using a condom. Is it because I also use the woohoo Wellness mod?


If another mod is in control of how pregnancy works in the game then there's nothing TURBO can do on his own unfortunately, although WooHoo Wellness should be compatible with WonderfulWhims.

When I try to use this, it keeps saying "Fatal Error" (a script error). My Scripts are turned on in settings and the folder for the mod is directly in /Mods, no subfolders. I re-downloaded the file but it didn't seem to work.


Test the game with only WonderfulWhims installed, see if it works then.

If it does, another mod might be causing issues/be conflicting with it.

which one do I download? 


What do you mean? There's only one file to download.

Hi! With the latest update the attraction settings don’t seem to be sticking when I load a save. 


They're sticking for me, are you sure this isn't an issue stemming from other mods, or perhaps by saving the game in the Manage Worlds screen?

Hello, every sim thinks that everyone is unatractive. I know why! Because they only have a gender preference, but all the other preferences are empty such as eye colour or outfit. So not litteraly empty but there are no preferences enabled. That why everyone thinks sims are unatractive.


Yep, you can use the Develop Other Sims Preferences function to give them more preferences, which should hopefully fix the issue!



All of my sims hardly find anyone attractive anymore. They all find other sims to be unattractive or basic looking. This has happened after installing High School Years. I think the attraction generation is way too specific, and makes all of my sims unattractive to each other. Maybe consider making the generated attraction for sims less specific. This has made my game much less enjoyable and very annoying.


Make sure your Sims actually have any preferences, if they don't use the Develop function to give them randomized/automatic preferences or Choose specific ones for them!


Hi! For some reason I'm having a bug where every sim thinks every other sim is "Very Unattractive" upon meeting them. How can I fix this? :(

Same here!

this has been happening to me too! 


Me too


Make sure that your Sim actually has any attractiveness preferences!

If they don't you can use the Develop or Choose function to choose Sims' preferences (either yours or all Sims').

is the download only supposed to be 23 mb? I did everything and i can only see the preferences option


Yes, the mod is supposed to be 23 MB!

Are you sure you installed the mod correctly?

What's your version of the game?

ваи ыпычк

Is there a way to disable the notifications? I don't really want to keep having to read the same notifications about archetypes..


Not yet, but the next release should have a setting for that!

Hey, thanks for your work on this mod. I want to disable the menstrual cycle completely (it's literally giving a trans woman a menstrual cycle lol) but the menu isn't where this page says it should be - it doesn't seem to be anywhere in the settings menu. What do I do?


Checked it to be sure and the setting is exactly where the page says it is!

You click anywhere -> Wonderful -> Settings -> Pregnancy Settings -> Menstrual Cycle Switch.

If you want to disable the menstrual cycle for a singular Sim you can do it by going into CAS and changing it so that the Sim you're playing as is not set to be able to become pregnant!

(1 edit)

This mod is not working for me. I have the 1.93 Sims version, and I have tried both v33 and v35, and both just don't show up anywhere. There is no app for the menstrual feature, no interactions when I click on other Sims, and overall, it's just missing from my game. I have also tried repairing my game; I have tried to just play with the WW mod only, and it just seems to not exist when I play.



Are you sure the mod is installed correctly, not too many folders deep and that the game can detect it?

I pulled it out so its directly in the mods folder and it works now thank you so much!

Has the mod been fixed? I'm currently having the same issue


What's the issue?

The mod is working with the latest game version, no need for any fixes.

hey the mod is not showing up in the game I tried everything 

What's your version of both the game and the mod?

hei, i have same problems like others, i tried to install both whickedwhims and wonderfulwhims but my game cant read the script. its says that we cant install them together, is that true?


i dont work on this mod at all, but yes its 100% true. the mods are practically the same except wicked is nsfw and wonderful is sfw. they have the same traits but wicked has the added "spicy" effect.

(2 edits)

I've recently downloaded the free base game and have been downloading mods ever since but, I'm having trouble downloading this one. When its finished downloading and i go to click on the file it says removed, I'm not sure what i did wrong :( im having the same trouble with the wicked whims also


Try downloading from other sources, see if one of them works: https://wonderfulwhims.com/download/

Hey :)

The mod is triggering Last Exceptions, is this a me problem or is it the mod? Thank you :)



Share the exception file and I'll look into it!

Sorry! It was actually something else. Thank you though!

Every time I enter the game it shows me the mod in the scenario, and its not in my game when i'm playing


What do you mean by "the scenario"? Could you elaborate?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi I’m new to this mod and it doesn’t seem to be working for me whenever I go into a household this picture comes up can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong 

Thanks hope this makes sense



Are both files there in your Mods folder?

Hey, I am having the same issue, both of my files are in the mods folder and I have literally tried everything to get the mod in my game. any advice??

i figured it out!



Hey, I am having the same issue with my game. no matter what I try nothing seems to work and I don't have the mod in my game :(

hi ever since i updated the game the mod doesn't work it shows up on the screen but not the game and i downloaded the latest patch


What's your version of both the game and the mod?

i dont know the version of the game but the mod one is August 

hi, where can i get wonderfulwhims v27? cause im cant update my patch basegame sims 4 yet


There's no way to download old versions of the mod.

Hi, does this content work with the latest sims 4 update? I've tried almost everything and I can't get it to work (i get the disabled mod message)



Yes, it supports the latest release of the game.

If your mods are being disabled automatically, go to your  Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 directory and remove the GameVersion.txt file.

It will be created again the next time you boot the game up but it should hopefully stop the game from disabling your mods automatically.

Thanks! It worked!

Deleted 124 days ago


This is a page relating to WondefulWhims. If you have any issues, suggestions regarding WickedWhims, use appropriate channels of communication.

Deleted 126 days ago


This is a page relating to WondefulWhims.

If you have any issues, suggestions regarding WickedWhims, use appropriate channels of communication.

Just a suggestion: would you be able to make a override that either, removes pregnancy termination all together or makes it say "terminate pregnancy" instead of "donate baby to science"? This is the only thing keeping me from using this mod. I have other mods that add abortions if you wanted to make the override remove it but "donate unborn baby to science" sounds to graphic and gross. "Terminate pregnancy" would sound alot less disturbing.

hi, I already downloaded the mod in several ways and it always comes with the corrupted script. Help me I love this mod so much and I wanted to play it again



How do you know the script is corrupted and the issue isn't somewhere else?

How did you come to that conclusion?


Hey Husk, I'm having the same issue they are.  I've been dealing with it for a time now.  It will be running normally and then all of a sudden you get a message telling you there is a Fatal Error and that you are using an old version mixed with the newer version. That is not the case, however, because nothing was changed from what was downloaded.  I hope that helped explain in some way.  ~Simply

Thanks for the heads up, I assume you've downloaded the files from itch?

Do the WonderfulWhims files in your Mods folder match "date-wise"? As in - are they both created on the same date? Make sure there aren't any other WonderfulWhims files anywhere in your Mods folder as that can cause issues as well!

(1 edit)

Hey there,

Yes, I downloaded them on Itch.  I'm pretty sure this is what's happening...I'll download the files and install them.  I'm almost positive that they have matching dates at that time. They work fine for a while and then I get the fatal error notice out of the blue.  When I go to the files to delete them, the dates no longer match.  Thats the weird thing.  I'll keep an eye on them and let you know exactly what happens, if it should go south again.  So far so good. ~Simply  

To clarify- YOUR files match showing update as being 07-30-22. Once installed I no longer see your date, but I see the date modified which is when I install it. I'm pretty sure those are the dates that no longer match after I get the fatal error. I have no idea what could possibly be causing that but I thought it might mean something to you.?  As I said though, I am checking everything so I will know what to tell you if it happens again. 

Just to  be sure - you're not using WickedWhims alongside WonderfulWhims, correct?

with the conflict detector mod. and when you enter the game the wonderfull store does not appear and as if the mod was not even in the gam

Hi! Since the last update my sims think that everyone is basic looking (even if they are married to each other). Is this a bug?


Sounds like your attractiveness settings have reset, so you just need to generate them again for your Sims.

Hello love the mod. For some reason it will not show when or who my sim is attracted to. Have I done something wrong?


Not sure I understand what the issue is.

Does your Sim not have any attractiveness preferences?

What is is that you're looking for because I'm not sure!

Deleted 168 days ago


They should be visible under the likes/dislikes  section, or you can just click on your Sim and select them that way!

Deleted 182 days ago


WickedWhims and WonderfulWhims are not meant to be used together and if you do they will break your game.

If you like one, you don't need the other, as their features are nearly identical, WonderfulWhims just has no NSFW ones.

Oh okay! TYSM!! I've always used  them together and it worked fine so I had no idea!


Hello. I have an issue with the mod. Everything works perfect, but when Im in Romantic Interactions, I still have the "Try for a baby" option. Even when I have both -Override Game/Mods Pregnancy, and Transform Woohoo Into TFB Switch- enabled.

body hair in adults and teens aren't growing

(1 edit)


I have an error on the mod, impossible to use it

I have the last version of the mod

Here is the error report: 


You're using the latest release of WonderfulWhims, which doesn't support any Sims releases lower than 1.90, you play on 1.89, so that's what's causing your issues.

Hi! this mod is giving me an LE error, I checked the report and it says, "File ".\WonderfulWhims_v35\turbolib2\events\sims.py", line 133," that's not all of it but it's what let me know it was this mod that's doing it. I just downloaded the new update for it too....


It's best to report the whole file: https://wonderfulwhims.com/contact/

Ever since i downloaded the newest mod my menstrual cycle settings are all messed up. Now my pregnant sims can use tampons and pads but my others sims can't i've tried reseting settings and checking and unchecking everything in the pregnancy and mensrual cycle setting


Do you have other mods installed?

Can you test without them?

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