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Supported Game Versions:
1.90.375, 1.91.205

(Legacy Edition is unsupported)

WonderfulWhims v35

July 30th, 2022

Update Patch Notes

WonderfulWhims Website

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What is WonderfulWhims?

WonderfulWhims is a standalone mod that offers plenty of social, relationship, and pregnancy enhancements in forms of Attractiveness, Impressions, Personality Archetypes, Menstrual Cycle, Birth Control and many more.
Do you want your Sims to have a fully featured Menstrual Cycle? Or use Birth Control for WooHoo? Maybe you want them to be attracted to certain things or recognize personality? Try WonderfulWhims!

New custom interactions, custom mechanics, custom skills, custom traits, custom moodlets, custom objects, custom story progression and enhancements to existing gameplay.


(all features can be disabled or tweaked)

Attractiveness (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Live in a world where every Sim has their own style and preferences that affect everybody
  • Refine your own style and define your own preferences
  • Encounter storytelling situations that make your Sims heart beat faster
  • Learn what others are into and try to impress them with your looks 

Impressions / Personalities (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Learn Sims personality archetypes and share your unique view on the world
  • Use your new special social interactions to voice your personality preference 

Menstrual Cycle (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Watch Sims experience the magic of a fully-featured Menstrual Cycle with hormonal effects, periods, and variable fertility
  • Purchase tampons and pads to fight against the menstrual bleeding and get the ‘Extra Absorbency’ Reward Store trait to improve their absorbency
  • Learn about your fertility by purchasing the Fertility Awareness Test available to use on toilets
  • Consider going through the Fertility Treatment service to improve your chances of getting pregnant
  • Optionally switch to the Simple Pregnancy Mode and use flat percentage chances for pregnancy 

Birth Control (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Avoid getting pregnant by using condoms and birth control pills
  • Fully compatible and functioning with WooHoo and Try for Baby interactions
  • Compatibility with the ‘WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul’ mod by Lumpinou


Crabs STD (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Sims can catch Crabs through WooHoo with infected Sims or sleeping in infested beds
  • Sims slowly experience the process of catching Crabs through multiple moodlet stages
  • Special Lice Killing Shampoo to use in a shower or bathtub
  • Special ‘Crabs Immune’ Satisfaction Reward Store trait
  • Ability to ask other Sims about their health


Relationship Additions

  • Ability to have multiple romantic non-committed and committed partners with the ‘Open Relationships’ function
  • Ability to disable jealousy on individual Sims with the ‘Polyamours’ Wonderful Attribute
  • Ability to disable jealousy for all Sims via Settings
  • Ability to ask multiple Sims at once to ‘Stay the Night’


Pregnancy Scientific Donation

  • Sims can decide to donate their unborn baby to science during the first or second trimester via Phone


Pregnancy Additions

  • Ability to modify the entire pregnancy duration
  • Sims Pregnancy Test doesn’t always result in negative moodlets unless Sim has the ‘Family Oriented’ trait
  • Sims leave a puddle when their water breaks


WooHoo Enhancements

  • Ability to enable pregnancy for all WooHoo interactions (merge Try for Baby interactions with WooHoo interactions)



  •  Sims visibly sweat when performing vigorous actions
  • Ability to wash off sweat by taking a bath or showering
  • Special ‘No Sweat’ satisfaction Reward Store trait


Persistent Boredom

  • Sims remember their conversations for 8 hours and will react in boredom if talked to about the same topics


Wonderful Attributes

  • Give and Take Away minor traits without usage of CAS or the Reward Store
  • ‘Socially Avoidant’ trait which makes Sims simply not interested in talking to anybody unless they have to
  • ‘Post-Puberty’ trait for Teen Sims to no longer experience the effects of going through puberty
  • ‘Hypofertile’ trait to introduce significant difficulties conceiving a child




Minor Game Bug Fixes

  • Random Clothes on Bathing Outfit Fix
  • ASM States Error Suppression
  • Missing Proximity Buff Error Suppression
  • Incorrect Mixer Death Reactions Fix

All available commands are listed with the use of the ‘ww.commands’ command

- Translations -

- Installation -

Updated 18 days ago
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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


WonderfulWhims v35 - 30 July 2022 (2111754).zip 22 MB
WonderfulWhims v33 - 16 June 2022 (1672335).zip 22 MB

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Deleted 1 hour ago


This is a page relating to WondefulWhims. If you have any issues, suggestions regarding WickedWhims, use appropriate channels of communication.

Deleted 2 days ago


This is a page relating to WondefulWhims.

If you have any issues, suggestions regarding WickedWhims, use appropriate channels of communication.

Just a suggestion: would you be able to make a override that either, removes pregnancy termination all together or makes it say "terminate pregnancy" instead of "donate baby to science"? This is the only thing keeping me from using this mod. I have other mods that add abortions if you wanted to make the override remove it but "donate unborn baby to science" sounds to graphic and gross. "Terminate pregnancy" would sound alot less disturbing.

hi, I already downloaded the mod in several ways and it always comes with the corrupted script. Help me I love this mod so much and I wanted to play it again



How do you know the script is corrupted and the issue isn't somewhere else?

How did you come to that conclusion?

Deleted 10 days ago

Hey Husk, I'm having the same issue they are.  I've been dealing with it for a time now.  It will be running normally and then all of a sudden you get a message telling you there is a Fatal Error and that you are using an old version mixed with the newer version. That is not the case, however, because nothing was changed from what was downloaded.  I hope that helped explain in some way.  ~Simply

Thanks for the heads up, I assume you've downloaded the files from itch?

Do the WonderfulWhims files in your Mods folder match "date-wise"? As in - are they both created on the same date? Make sure there aren't any other WonderfulWhims files anywhere in your Mods folder as that can cause issues as well!

(1 edit)

Hey there,

Yes, I downloaded them on Itch.  I'm pretty sure this is what's happening...I'll download the files and install them.  I'm almost positive that they have matching dates at that time. They work fine for a while and then I get the fatal error notice out of the blue.  When I go to the files to delete them, the dates no longer match.  Thats the weird thing.  I'll keep an eye on them and let you know exactly what happens, if it should go south again.  So far so good. ~Simply  

To clarify- YOUR files match showing update as being 07-30-22. Once installed I no longer see your date, but I see the date modified which is when I install it. I'm pretty sure those are the dates that no longer match after I get the fatal error. I have no idea what could possibly be causing that but I thought it might mean something to you.?  As I said though, I am checking everything so I will know what to tell you if it happens again. 

Just to  be sure - you're not using WickedWhims alongside WonderfulWhims, correct?

Hi! Since the last update my sims think that everyone is basic looking (even if they are married to each other). Is this a bug?


Sounds like your attractiveness settings have reset, so you just need to generate them again for your Sims.

Hello love the mod. For some reason it will not show when or who my sim is attracted to. Have I done something wrong?


Not sure I understand what the issue is.

Does your Sim not have any attractiveness preferences?

What is is that you're looking for because I'm not sure!

Deleted 44 days ago


They should be visible under the likes/dislikes  section, or you can just click on your Sim and select them that way!

Deleted 58 days ago


WickedWhims and WonderfulWhims are not meant to be used together and if you do they will break your game.

If you like one, you don't need the other, as their features are nearly identical, WonderfulWhims just has no NSFW ones.

Oh okay! TYSM!! I've always used  them together and it worked fine so I had no idea!


Hello. I have an issue with the mod. Everything works perfect, but when Im in Romantic Interactions, I still have the "Try for a baby" option. Even when I have both -Override Game/Mods Pregnancy, and Transform Woohoo Into TFB Switch- enabled.

body hair in adults and teens aren't growing

(1 edit)


I have an error on the mod, impossible to use it

I have the last version of the mod

Here is the error report: 


You're using the latest release of WonderfulWhims, which doesn't support any Sims releases lower than 1.90, you play on 1.89, so that's what's causing your issues.

Hi! this mod is giving me an LE error, I checked the report and it says, "File ".\WonderfulWhims_v35\turbolib2\events\sims.py", line 133," that's not all of it but it's what let me know it was this mod that's doing it. I just downloaded the new update for it too....


It's best to report the whole file: https://wonderfulwhims.com/contact/

Ever since i downloaded the newest mod my menstrual cycle settings are all messed up. Now my pregnant sims can use tampons and pads but my others sims can't i've tried reseting settings and checking and unchecking everything in the pregnancy and mensrual cycle setting


Do you have other mods installed?

Can you test without them?

i can`t download the new version:(


How come, do you have any more details?

Hi. I'm having trouble with my sims falling pregnant. I removed all mods and they fell pregnant no problems. I then added MCCC and no problems there. I then added your mod and the problems began. I've checked settings for both sims. Stopped them both using contraception and unchecked the option to follow their menstrual cycle. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. thank you.

Deleted 60 days ago


I'm having problems. When I try to play with any household unit, after the loading screen, it returns me to the main screen where all the neighborhoods are. If I disable the scripts the game works for me but obviously not the mod.

my game version is 1.90 and mod version is 34.

It would help me a lot if you give me a solution. Thank you!


Do you have other mods installed?

If you do, test the game with only WonderfulWhims and see if anything changes!

Hey, if you have any mods that affect the phone those will be your issue. Make sure all your script mods are up to date, I had the same issue with WW but after updating it works. Make sure to delete all the files, including the ones in the saves folder that have to do with WW so you get a clean install!

Hey so i was playing with wicked whims at first but nfor some reason the default CAS underware addon didnt work so I switched to Wonderful  and when i went into Cas my sims are still showing up naked . do i still need to download the addon ? its really getting in the way of me recording 

The same thing is happening with me and I don't understand how to fix it. 

  1. Open the folder with WickedWhims files.
  2. Place the TURBODRIVER_CAS_DefaultUnderwear.package file inside the folder with other WickedWhims files.
  3. Make sure the TURBODRIVER_CAS_DefaultUnderwear file is in alphabetical order before the TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Tuning file.

If Sims are still naked in CAS, the TURBODRIVER_CAS_DefaultUnderwear file is being loaded after WickedWhims or you have other mods that make Sims naked in CAS.

(Even though this info didn't help me it may always help you) this was direct info from the cas default underwear download screen and even though my files are put in correctly and I have nothing else that would make them naked, it still is doing so. I completely took out everything I had that had to do with the mod and it was still happening. 

I have re installed all the newest versions of the mods and the attractiveness system is still not working for me.


What's your version of the game?

Do you have other mods installed?

Were there any exception files generated?

Does the rest of the mod work correctly?

Is it installed correctly?


the miscarriage feature, pregnancy scientific donation feature, and the fertility awareness test/fertility treatment isnt working in my game. is there anything that conflicts with this mod?


No, there are no known conflicts with the mod.

Make sure its installed correctly, and that your game is up to date and it should work.


I have a pirate version of sims 4, so it stopped updating on 1.61. I would like to know If there is any way to download a compatible version of this mod, since the current one doesn't work?

Thank you! 


No there is not.

I've been having trouble, When I first downloaded the file and opened my game it had said i was missing files. I tried deleting the file and re downloading the file but I'm still getting the same outcome. I don't have any other mod in my mod file.


Make sure you're installing the mod correctly, taking it out of its archive, and not putting it any deeper than one folder deep!

Hi, question about this mod and alien pregnancy, please:

One of my human Sims with all-feminine gender markers is alien-pregnant (as happens sometimes), and is having the "weird stomach glowing and electronic music stings". However, she doesn't have any of the pregnancy moodlets that'd normally show.
Is she supposed to? If not, will that effect the rest of her space pregnancy?

I have pregnancy duration set to 28 days instead of 3, and it's been about two days in-game.

Thank you!


I'm not quite sure I understand what your issue is, but I guess lengthening the pregnancy time can cause some confusion for the game.

hello, i'm having problems with sims during her period, she just can't use tampons even after bought and opened, is this a problem? is it already fixed?


Does your Sim have the opened tampons in their inventory?

If yes, they should use them automatically.


i’ve had this mod for a while, but when i took out the period files to remove them from my game my attraction system kinda broke. My sims can’t generate random features that they find attractive anymore and the whole menu for that, when you click on a sim, is completely missing. I don’t get the "Breathtaking encounter" moodlets or announcement either. I can still choose likes and dislikes in CAS and see "Finds attractive" in the sim profile, but some stuff is still missing. I took out the entire mod for the werewolf update and got the new one, hoping that would fix it, but it didn’t. 

Is there anything I can do? Thank you! :>


I'm not sure why you'd go mess with the mod files, but you can use Wonderful Settings to simply disable parts of the mod you don't like, no need to delete anything from the mod.

Ah! Apologies, most people say you can just take out the files you don’t want in your game. I didn’t realize you didn’t need to do that for this one. That’s my bad. ^^' 

I will try to redownload it once again, maybe that'll help.

Thank you!!

I read some of your other replies and realized I had my mod too many folders down, i put it to the front and now it works as intended. Thank you , friend :D

hey I'm having this issue where everything is downloaded correctly, its only in the mods file, and ive turned on enable script mods in game, but it says the tuning package is missing? anyone help please, I really want to try this mod out 


Are you sure that both Scripts and Tuning files are present in your Mods folder?

Hi so Im new to downloading how do I find tuning files

You check if both mod files are in the folder that you've  downloaded.

(2 edits)

Hey, yes they are, its in the same place as the script file in the mod like i havent changed anything and its unzipped in my mods folder?...(thank you so much for helping me) 

Send a screenshot of the mod folder, where you installed it, I'll check to see if it's installed correctly, and if anything is missing.

are these okay?

Looks like your mod is too many folders deep.

Get rid of the middle folder called "WonderfulWhims v33 -..." and put the !WonderfulWhimsMod folder directly in your Mods directory and you should be good to go!

I tried installing it, but it only installed the preferences in cas. . .


Make sure you've installed the mod correctly, that it's not too many folders deep inside your Mods directory!

for some weird reason Script Mods was turned off and It fixed it! My Bad

Hello working it game versions????


you can see the supported Game Versions at the very top of this page!


Hi, I have been having an issue. In CAS, I can decide my sims attractiveness preferences, but then when I go in-game, no sim has any preferences, and there isn't any wonderful whims option in the pie menu. Also, when I go into my mods folder, and I try to re-download wonderful whims, it tells me to remove previous wonderful whims mods, but I don't have any other version of wonderful whims downloaded,  so I don't know how to fix the issue. (Hopefully this is clear)

this is happening to me too


Are both the Tuning and the Script files showing up in your Mod List when you boot the game up?

(1 edit)

Hi! Yeah, in my mods folder, both files are showing up, are there any other files that are supposed to show up? 

They're too many folders deep.

I don't know why you have another Mods folder inside your Mods folder but  this is what's causing the game to not see WonderfulWhims correctly.

A correct install path would be Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/!WonderfulWhimsMod, any deeper than that and the game won't detect the mod!

this is happening to me too

Script files don't work

1.89.214 version

I managed to solve, my game was not enabled for script modifications

same thing happened to me

hi so i downloaded wonderful whims and i followed the directions but it’s not working. i have the cas attractiveness likes and dislikes but not the wonderful whims menu when i click on my sim. 


Make sure you've installed the mod correctly, not too many folders deep, otherwise the game will only detect the Tuning file, but not the Script file!

Hi I have tried in every single way to download wonderful whims, etc extracting it and even creating a new mods folder, downloading it the way you said to and it shows up on startup but it doesn't show up in my actual game please help


yea same im so confused


Yes, the same thing is happening to me 


What are you guys' versions of the game?

I just update the game today

Are both the Script and Package files showing up in the mod list?



I updted it like 2 days ago how do you see what version it is?

You can see it at the bottom of the screen in the Main Menu!

I take it your game is up to date, so - same question - are both files showing up in the mod list when you boot the game up?

yes both the script and package file show up in the game

The preferences are showing up in CAS, but when I click on my sim the WonderfulwWhims menu isn't showing up

So... the mod works, but partly? I'm getting confused.

Only the CAS preferences are showing up - nothing else is 

rather than wonderful whims showing up in the game some of the traits show up in the actions debug option

Can you send a screenshot of what do you mean exactly?



(1 edit)

Hiya, I've been using Wonderful Whims for a while now, but today I noticed an issue with the attractiveness setting: I got an alert that my sim found her brother extremely attractive. They're blood-siblings, generated with CAS's genetics feature, and he was even her caregiver when she was still a teen. I went through my mods and it seemed to be an issue with WW itself, because even when it was the only mod left in the folder, "scope the surroundings" still triggered the hearts and the "extremely attractive" relationship bit. I even tried a reinstall of the mod, but it didn't change a thing. No LE's were generated, so I don't know exactly what the issue is. Can you find out what it is and hopefully fix it, or let me know if there's some setting I need to fiddle with? I looked but didn't see anything that could result in incestuous attraction. Until then, I'll be playing with Attractiveness disabled; it's a really disturbing bug, to say the least. I hope you can help!

(Edited to clarify WW = Wonderful Whims)


If they're blood-related then it's not possible for that to happen, unless you've incest turned on in another mod (e.g. MCCC).

Unfortunately is is happening :( I've never come across an Incest setting in MCCC, so I definitely didn't turn anything on in there, and I don't have any other mods that have that feature. And like I said, even when I removed all of them, MCCC included, and left nothing but Wonderful Whims in, her brother was still being flagged as Extremely Attractive. Is it possible that the mod simply isn't registering/reading their sibling relationship correctly?

Hello, just wondering but why do sims preferences not link up to the CAS preferences when they age up? 

I have to manually click on my sim then 'choose sim preferences' interaction to see what preferences they were automatically given. Is there any way for this to link up to the CAS preferences(automatic likes and dislikes) option as easier viewing. Thanks 


Do the Sims get their preferences assigned automatically by the game when they age up and they don't match up with what's in the Attractiveness Preferences menu?

I'm not sure I understand the issue!

Sims preferences are being applied and working but arent being applied to the 'Cas likes and dislikes'.

Basically I would like their preferences that they get assigned to apply to the 'Cas likes and dislikes' aswell.

It would be nice if they synced and worked together. Hopefully that makes sense.🤞

They can't really sync, because the Attractiveness Preferences allow for a larger selection of likes/dislikes (as opposed to CAS's 20 total), if you however choose your likes/dislikes in CAS, they will transfer over to the Attractiveness panel.

Hope that makes sense!

Aw ok, no worries i understand. Thanks for replying(:

Is the newest version of the mod compatible with the newest versions of The Sims 4? I believe I have installed the mod correctly, and when I open the game it shows up in the start up, but when I enter a save file it does not work.


You can see the supported game versions at the top of the page!

Hello! I'm currently having a problem where this mod changed the relationships in between my sim and her family. For some reason, she is finding her family members either attractive or unattractive. I have never had this problem until now. Is there a mod that this is incompatible with that I'm unaware of?


Have you tested the game with no other mods installed?

Were there any exception files generated? If so, learn how to report them here: https://wonderfulwhims.com/contact/


Hi, I was wondering if this mod allows teens to woohoo and get pregnant as well. Is it WW, or can this mod do it too? I would install WW, but my teenage daughters play too. Ty



No, this mod doesn't have  these features.

My WW menu in my Sims' phone is no longer showing up. It there when I was playing it last night, but it's not there today. I've tried loading up the game with the mod removed & then added back in, deleted my cache, triple checked all my mods are up to date and WW doesn't conflict with them, re-downloaded the mod, moved it out of a folder and directly into the mod folder but nothing is working. The mod & the script both show up on start-up, and the WW menu appears when clicking on my/other Sims, there's just no option on the phone.


Which mod are you referring to when you say "WW"?

It's Wonderful Whims, but I managed to get it fixed- I missed an update on one of the other mods I have, got it updated and the phone menu is back again :D

Weird, but cool that you managed to get it working!

Have fun!

I have 31v in my mods folder, when i open The Sims in menu it normally shows, but when I enter the game it doesnt work. I checked if i had script mods enabled and they were! I don't know what to do :( ver 30 worked perfectly but this one is just not it


Have you installed the mod correctly?

What's your version of the game?

Do both the tuning and scripts file appear on the mod list in the game?

Hi, I can't seem to get the interaction working with the pads and tampons. I click on the items, such as a single pad/tampon or a box, but no interaction options come up. And when I click on the toilet the interaction options are present but are grey and cannot click on them. Even when I remove the slice of life mod (which is the only other one I have), nothing works. I much appreciate your time to read this, and thank you in advance :)


You need to keep your Sims' tampons/pads in their inventory and click on them there if you wanna use them!

Thank you, that's helped a lot. I will try again later :)

(4 edits)

Hello! I don't seem to find any solution for my problem and the problem is that mod shows me that the chance to get pregnant is 0% for every sim that I tested no matter what. Menstruation cycle is on and cycle fertility level is boosted, tested sims were on a different stages of menstrual cycle. I also tried fertility treatment two times for two different sims, but the percentage is still zero. Tried changing different settings like ten times, also tested without any other mods or scripts.

I didn't have any problems with this mod before and it has always shown me at least some number of percentage (higher than zero) for the chance to get pregnant. I haven't played the game for quite some time and when started playing again, I started to always get 0% chance for getting pregnant. I keep my mods and scripts always updated.

I really, really like this mod and desperately want to fix this problem. Thanks for any help!


Something happened that has solved this problem. I turned off the menstrual cycle and set woohoo pregnancy chance at 30%. Before my sims woohooing, my sim did a fertility test and the chance of getting pregnant was still zero. After woohooing, I turned menstrual cycle on again and the fertility test showed a 27% chance of getting pregnant.

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