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Supported Game Versions:
1.69.59, 1.70.84, 1.71.86

WonderfulWhims v11

February 26th 2021

Update Patch Notes

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What is WonderfulWhims?

WonderfulWhims is a standalone mod that offers plenty of social, relationship, and pregnancy enhancements in forms of Attractiveness, Impressions, Personality Archetypes, Menstrual Cycle, Birth Control and many more.
Do you want your Sims to have a fully featured Menstrual Cycle? Or use Birth Control for WooHoo? Maybe you want them to be attracted to certain things or recognize personality? Try WonderfulWhims!

New custom interactions, custom mechanics, custom skills, custom traits, custom moodlets, custom objects, custom story progression and enhancements to existing gameplay.

- Features -


💗 Attractiveness (click here for detailed feature summary)

  • Live in a world where every Sim has their own style and preferences that affect everybody else
  • Refine your own style and define your own preferences
  • Encounter storytelling situations that make your Sims heart beat faster
  • Learn what others are into and try to impress them with your looks
  • Ability to disable 'Attractiveness' in settings

🎭 Impressions / Personalities (click here for detailed feature summary)

  • Learn Sims personality archetypes and share your unique view on the world
  • Use your new special social interactions to voice your personality preference
  • Fake your personality to make others like you more or risk looking like a poser
  • Ability to disable 'Impressions' in settings

Persistent Boredom

  • Sims remember their conversations for 8 hours and will react in boredom if talked to about the same topics
  • Ability to disable 'Persistent Boredom' in settings

Minor Additions

  • Ability to have multiple romantic non-committed and committed partners with the 'Open Relationships' setting
  • Ability to disable jealousy on individual Sims with the 'Polyamours' Wonderful Attribute
  • Ability to disable jealousy for all Sims via Settings
  • Ability to ask multiple Sims at once to 'Stay the Night'
  • Gender Preference commands to change Sims population preferences
    • ww.gender_preference <hetero/homo/bi/none> [<sim_first_name> <sim_last_name>]
    • ww.preference_hetero <percentage> <all/male/female>
    • ww.preference_homo <percentage> <all/male/female>
    • ww.preference_bi <percentage> <all/male/female>
    • ww.preference_random <percentage> <all/male/female>
    • ww.preference_neutral <percentage> <all/male/female>

Menstrual Cycle / Pregnancy

  • Fully compatible and functioning with WooHoo and Try for Baby interactions

🩸 Menstrual Cycle (click here for detailed feature summary)

  • Watch Sims experience the magic of a fully-featured Menstrual Cycle with hormonal effects, periods, and variable fertility
  • Purchase tampons and pads to fight against the menstrual bleeding and get the ‘Extra Absorbency’ Reward Store trait to improve their absorbency
  • Learn about your fertility by purchasing the Fertility Awareness Test available to use on toilets
  • Consider going through the Fertility Treatment service to improve your chances of getting pregnant

Pregnancy Scientific Donation

  • Sims can decide to donate their unborn baby to science during the first or second trimester via Phone


  • Sims can experience a miscarriage from abusing substances

Minor Additions

  • Ability to modify the entire pregnancy duration
  • Sims Pregnancy Test doesn't always result in negative moodlets unless Sim has the 'Family Oriented' trait
  • Sims leave a puddle when their water breaks
  • Optionally switch to the Simple Pregnancy Mode and use flat percentage chances for pregnancy


  • Enables pregnancy for all WooHoo interactions and disables the Try for Baby interactions
  • Ability to bring back Try for Baby interactions in settings

💊 Birth Control (click here for detailed feature summary)

  • Avoid getting pregnant by purchasing condoms and birth control pills
  • Fully compatible and functioning with WooHoo and Try for Baby interactions
  • Ability to disable Birth Control usage in settings

🦀 Crabs STD (click here for detailed feature summary)

  • Sims can catch Crabs through WooHoo with infected Sims or sleeping in infested beds
  • Sims slowly experience the process of catching Crabs through multiple moodlet stages
  • Special Lice Killing Shampoo to use in a shower or bathtub
  • Special 'Crabs Immune' Satisfaction Reward Store trait
  • Ability to ask other Sims about their health
  • Ability to disable 'Crabs' in settings

Wonderful Attributes

  • Give and Take Away minor traits without usage of CAS or the Reward Store


🔧 Minor Game Bug Fixes

  • Random Clothes on Bathing Outfit Fix
  • ASM States Error Suppression
  • Missing Proximity Buff Error Suppression
  • Missing Random Outfit Error Suppression
  • Incorrect Mixer Death Reactions Fix
  • All available commands are listed with the use of the 'ww.commands' command

- Translations -

- Installation -

Updated 8 days ago
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WonderfulWhims v11 - 26 February 2021.zip 8 MB

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I downloaded the mod but my game keeps saying its missing the script file how do I fix it?

I have the newest version in my game, but I am not able to check the period tracker? It doesn't seem to be getting my sim pregnant either. 

ok I turned crabs off because once you get it once, you never get rid of it no matter how much you use the shampoo. Even if you buy the trait. It’s off completely. No sleep agents. No bedding. No contracting through woohoo. Guess what...my sim still got crabs. I prefer wonderful whims over wicked but I’m about remove the entire mod and and just find another method because literally every three days after getting crabs the first time, my sims gets covered in itchy bumps (which btw is unrealistic because there is no reason for crabs to leave the genital area all the way up to your face)


Crabs don't have visual effects at all in WonderfulWhims - the only way to know if you've got them would be the moodlet saying so.

Are you sure you're talking about WonderfulWhims?

Get to Work added a sickness that's more like what you're describing.

did get to work at crabs? And yes she did get a crabs moodlet which again, idk why when I have crabs turned off 

i downloaded this mod but it wont work i also have the sims updated up to snowy escape but it still wont work . 

how cant this get sorted .

what happens is it gives me a bunch of notifications asking if i got any mods that require this mod to work some parts of the mods work but the things like the attraction magnetic feature and the storytelling feature dont work (probably more aswell).

if you know what needs to be done for this to work please let me know.

(1 edit)


What's your version of the game?

Hi, haven't played in a bit, does this need updating for the fear emotion?



No, should  be fine as it is!

Thanks, good to hear

I want to inform you that my old sims became pregnant after i enable pregnancy for all woohoo and it make sense but that's not realistic.

Are you using Simple Mode?

That may be why!

Yes! I don't like the menstrual cycle mod. I just tested it with the wicked mod but i think it's the same. Tell me if I am wrong. Like i said it make sense my old sims was pregnant i don't know if you will or can change this but I can manage with it. I just wanted to inform you ^^

I love your mod, but with the cycle my sims can't change tampon with the toilet. Is it a bug or am I forgetting something? 
P.s: Sorry for my engllish, but I'm not mothertongue

(1 edit)

Just started using this mod a few days ago and I love it! I might have found a bug though? (I'm using the simple mode for pregnancy.) My female sim became pregnant from alien abduction, she was taking birth control. And now that she's an elder, I stopped her bc because I assumed she couldn't get pregnant. But she has. Twice. (Once via aliens again.) I removed all my other mods and tried with 2 elders in a different save (set to simple mode again) and they also got pregnant. Thanks again for the awesome mod and any possible help if someone knows how to keep this from happening. 

(Edit) It's been a few days and I've now noticed npc elder woman also become pregnant. 


On Simple Mode elders can indeed get pregnant!

Hi! Love your mod! Having an issue with attraction though - after a while all its settings reset on all sims, even the active household :( very annoying


What settings exactly? How do you determine that they've changed?

Did they actually change, or did the Sims' opinion on a particular Sim change?

where can i find the v7 of this mod?? my ts4 is not the original and i didn´t updated it cause i really don´t want to and now it is asking to download the v7 but i can´t find anywhere, please someone help me i´m suffering haha

btw this mod is perfect, i can´t play ts4 without it



We don't keep old versions around.

I love this mod so much, adds so much to the gameplay! However, I have come upon a bug, where I'm no longer able to make my sims "try for babies" and even in combination with MCC to make "woohoo" a 100 % baby maker, it unfortunately doesn't work. I have therefore seen it necessary to remove this mod from my game until a new update, which hopefully not will create this bug for me. Once again, love your mod, and I don't know if others have had problems with this, but I wanted to let you know, just in case. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to get this mod back in my game


You're right - Try for Baby button is gone by default, the only way to get a Sim pregnant is to make sure they're in their fertile days, not use anticonception etc.
You can however bring back the Try for Baby button by going into Wonderful -> Settings -> Pregnancy Settings -> Transform WooHoo into TFB Switch.

Hi! I really enjoy this mod! I just wanted to ask if bisexual or homosexual preferences can be generated. I've never seen a townie (besides sims made by EA that are already in same-sex relationships) that prefers being in a same-sex relationship or ones that are bi. Can they be naturally generated?  x


WonderfulWhims uses EA's sexual preferences generation.

Once you create a homosexual/bisexual Sim the game will eventually start generating them as well.

Changes to that system are coming some time soon.

Thanks for the clarification!


What substances do you mean by substance abuse in the miscarriage section?

Hey! Ones that come from a different mod that focuses on introducing these substances.


I wasn't sure if you had a discord specifically for mod help, so I hope it's okay that I post it on here. I tried downloading WonderfulWhims but when I went into my game I got a pop up saying that the WWscript file was missing. I'm not sure where I can download the script from. 


It's in the package you download. Did you install the mod correctly, unpacked it and all? What's your version of The Sims 4?

Hi, so I'm trying to download it but after I put it in my mods folder I get a pop up screen saying that it isn't working. and then I restart my game and it disentangle come up, or work at all.


Where do you get the pop-up?
In-game? Or is it a system message?

What does it say exactly? What's your version of the game?

I play on my MacBook, and it is as soon as I load into my game and it says "fatal error, essential 'TURBODRIVER_WonderfulWhims_Scripts.ts4script' is missing. it also tells me to re install it, and I have tried many times and it hasn't worked

Mine is doing the same thing as well, I keep getting a popup that says the script is missing. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with it?

sadly not, I am still waiting lol

Did you install the mod correctly?

Not too deep? Took it out of the archive?

What's your version of The Sims 4?



so when every i download this i always get turbodriver_whickedwhims script and turbodriver_whickedwhims package never turbodriviver_whickedwhims tuning how can i replace the package with the tuning ? 


Sounds correct, the mod consists of one .ts4script file and one .package file (which should be called TURBODRIVER_WonderfulWhims_Tuning.package)

Does the fertility feature with menstrual cycle work with the Fertility Trait you can get from base game? 

Hey! Yes, it gains Sims approximately 20% more fertility, not a static 20% but a scaleable relative 20% of their current fertility level. Fertility potions and massages have the same effect but they don't stack.


It doesn't work for me even though I do everything as specified. Maybe you know what that could be. 


There can be numerous things that went wrong but most can be found here - make sure you've followed all instructions exactly as shown.

You can also tell me what's your version of the game.


I don't have a very good pc so I have the legacy edition. I tried to install wonderful whims but it didn't work so I was wondering if I did something wrong or if the mod isn't compatible with my game. If it isn't compatible is there any chance that a legacy edition of this mod to be created?


WonderfulWhims does not work with Legacy version of The Sims 4, nor are there any plans to create a Legacy version of WonderfulWhims at the moment!


I don't mean to sound rude or anything because I love what has been created, but I think that if you made a legacy version then many more people would be able to enjoy the mod instead of just the ones that have proper versions of the sims 4


Due to WonderfulWhims not being the main mod I develop, the legacy edition of the game requiring a separate code base to develop on, and the need to switch between regular version and legacy edition, the development of a legacy version is way too much hassle. One will come when I'm confident the mod is stable with all of its features, as I will then no longer update it with new features.


does not work waist of time 


Thanks, I'm glad you created an account just to write that.

Hi! new to this one, whats the difference between this and Whicked? 

While I'm here, any plans to have in the future a feature that checks if your mods are up-to-date? (only active modders).



WonderfulWhims is a SFW sister mod to WickedWhims.

It does not contain any of the graphic stuff that comes with WickedWhims.

I'm unsure what do you mean in the second part of your comment, WonderfulWhims already checks if you're using the most up to date version.

(2 edits)

Is there a way to turn off menstrual cycle, birth control, and woohoo completely? I've gone through the settings and switched them all off but I'm still getting the option for pads & tampons when I click the toilet or to buy things when I click a computer.

I don't want any of that in my game but I do want the attractiveness and personalities, etc.

Unfortunately if there's no way to get rid of that option on the toilet or a way to not have those 'packages' installed I will have to forego this mod.

Would it maybe be possible to separate the packages so that player's can choose what they do and do not want in their game, without messing around with settings?


If you turn off all of the menstruation options there will be no menstruation, no bleeding and no side effects from periods.

You can also change the Pregnancy Mode setting to Disabled.

Have fun!

Hello :) I was wondering if there will ever be compatibility for the Legacy Edition?? I know there are a lot of simmers who can’t afford new computers that rely on awesome modders like yourself to keep it playable. 


No such plans at the moment.

Hello, I was wondering if there was any way you could implement the body parts selector from Wicked Whims to Wonderful Whims? Not a fan of my male sims looking like Ken dolls! Thank you for your work!


I don't understand, what do you expect from the body selector exactly?

Hi, I was wondering if this has a teen pregnancy feature? I ask this because my teen sim has take pregnancy test option after messing around, and it appeared to say eating for two, but there was no buff even after a week, I tried to tweak the pregnancy duration too and still nothing. It won't let her exercise because it says she is pregnant though?


That's a bug, teen pregnancy shouldn't be possible.

Hi, nothing is wrong to my knowledge but I have a question. How long is the WonderfulWhims items take to get to your mailbox? its been a couple of sim days and they still haven't showed up.

Hey! Ordering items is dependant on the base game mechanic of delivering items to the mailbox, so the mail delivery Sim has to show up. If they don't show up in your game that might indicate you have something preventing it, but I'm not aware of anything doing so.

Mail is delivered every day at the morning hours.

(1 edit)

Hello! In my game my sims fertility rate is 0% so she can’t get pregnant is there a way to change the percentage of her fertility? Also she isn’t on any birth control.

Hey. Since you don't know about altering Sims fertility, you must be playing on the Menstrual Cycle mode. People with a menstrual cycle aren't fertile at all times, they are only fertile during their fertility windows. So you either wait for that time during the cycle or alter the settings to the Simple Pregnancy Mode where you change the pregnancy chances on your own.

Read more about it here: https://wonderfulwhims.com/menstrual-cycle/

Hello! I noticed an issue, that the attractiveness alert notification didn't show up for my sim when she had met an extremely attractive sim. Is there any way to fix it or are there any additional conditions for the alert?

Hey! There are no additional conditions, but there are minor limitations. Sims that just had WooHoo, Sims that are possessed, or Sims that are in full-body suits like the bear suit will not result in the alert. Otherwise, I'm not seeing anything that would prevent it.


When I try to open my Wonderful Whims folder in the Mac recommended archive called "The UnArchiver", it says that the Wonderful Whims folder cannot be extracted. I really need help and am so confused! 

Thanks, Bella

Hey! Unfortunately, I cannot really help you with a Mac computer. Still, if you ever installed any other mods for The Sims 4, the process is the same. You place the PACKAGE and TS4SCRIPT file into your Mods folder and that's it.

Ok, thank you! For some reason it wasn't working and I think I was messing up with the archiver. I really do appreciate you replying though! Have a wonderful night! :)

With v10 I'm having an issue where the mail from the PC never comes and I also noticed that I don't have the <3 button on the phone. But attraction and STDs and stuff are still fully working so I don't understand.

Any idea what it might be?

Hey! I don't really have any explanation for the items not being delivered. WonderfulWhims uses the base game system that delivers mail, which should happen every day in morning hours. There's nothing I can do to help with that, the only thing I can think of is another mod altering how mail is delivered.

The only real reason for the Wonderful category to not show up on the phone is if it's on a Sim that cannot get pregnant.

Bonjour, j'aimerai savoir si ce mod est compatible avec celui du wickedwhims ?

Merci d'avance !


It is very much not compatible. If you use both they will break your game. If you use WickedWhims you don't need WonderfulWhims as all of the features are already present in WickedWhims; WonderfulWhims is simply a SFW version of WickedWhims!

I was planning to pair up two childhood friends, but upon aging up to teen, the boy found the girl very unattractive. She found him very attractive and would flirt with him, but he always rejected her. I tried changing his preferences to match hers, but for some reason, his opinion of her has not changed. Please help! This is ruining my storytelling!

What a twist on the story! He doesn't understand what he's missing out on.

Anyway, all you need to do is generate preferences for him, by going to Attractiveness -> Generate Specific and select Picked Sim Type in which you select her.

It worked! Thanks! :)

Hello, I´m in love with wonderfulwhims, but since I updated the mod to v9 , I always get an wonderfulwhims warning message when starting the game. Maybe it doesn´t work with another mod I have, but I didn´t install any new ones. 

Maybe I can post the wonderfulwhims last excetion file somewhere to help me find the error ? 

thank you for this great mod :)


Im so glad someone else said this.... I also have the  same problem with  mine. I love this mod so much but every time I put it in my mods folder n play I always get a warning saying im not doing it right so I was wandering if its the mod or me. lol

Hey! Unless you report the error file, nothing can be done, but you most likely just need to download WonderfulWhims again because v9 received a fix an hour after release.

Sure, you can check out how to report issues here: https://wonderfulwhims.com/contact/

I've noticed that no matter how many times I generate random attractiveness, it keeps the same traits. For my love island sim game, I would like to just be able to reload an early save, generate randomly what sims find attractive and it changes each time so I can play out different scenarios. I have too many sims so it would be too much work going one by one.

Hey! I'm not sure what you mean. Attractiveness is per save, so switching saves wouldn't persists your Attractiveness choices between them. I'm not sure what you mean by generating attractiveness keeping the same traits, what are you expecting to be different? I don't know what you're attempting to do and what you select during generating matters.

For example, let's say I generate this sim preferences and choose random, my sim will let's say be attracted to red heads with long straight hair, etc. But if I click generate again and choose random again, my sim will still be attracted to red heads with long straight hair, etc but it's like that across the board.

I see, from what I can tell, even when selecting Random, the generator is still provided with "relevant Sims", which decide about preferences. That is not correct as that obviously prevents things from being completely random, so I will have that adjusted in the next update. Thanks.

Hey, I was so happy to discover this mod, I love the attractiveness and the birth control features but I hoped my Young Adult and Teen sims can have romantic interaction with this mod and I am little disapointed that they can't. So I am asking you, can you add this feature? Or can annyone here recomand me a mod that allow me to do it exept Wicked Whims?

Hey. Sorry, but that's just not what WonderfulWhims aims to do. Try getting MC WooHoo, that let's you enable these kinds of interactions if I remember correctly.

(1 edit)

I tough so. It's just so frustating when a sims become young adult and can't romance his/her teen love who hasn't grown up yet. But I found a new mod that work so I am good now! ^^ Thanks for the reply.


Does the mod affect the whims as well. Let's say you court multiple sims, will it show whims like "first kiss with most attractive sim"

Hey! No, new whims were not added to the mod. They are pretty annoying to work with, so I didn't do any, but that could change in the future.


Hi there.
I downloaded Polish translation and put it in same folder with WonderfulWhims mod but its not working
Is the translation not updated yet or im doing something wrong?


You're correct, it's not working properly, and the author of the translation has yet to fix it unfortunately.

Ty for fast answer, as long as it will be fixed in future its no problem, ill use english version till it happen.
Merry Christmas!

Does wonderful whims currently keep statistics or has plans to like wickedwhims? like # of woohoos and #pregnancies, #miscarriages & #abortions or #impregnations?

No statistics are stored by WonderfulWhims, and I don't have any plans currently, but it could be added.

!!! That would be awesome wonderful!

(2 edits)

Hi Turbo,

I have a few questions. I'm doing a love island sims game and I wanna use ww for the attractiveness system. I'm just putting autonomy full and let them do whatever. I was wondering if once they know who they are attracted to, will they only flirt with sims they are attracted to? Will they concentrate on those they are more attracted to (let's say extremely before very)?

Also this might be a wicked mod question over wonderful but is there a way to have sex autonomy only if they have a good romantic relationship (like 50% or above)?


Hey. What you're explaining won't work in a clean direct test, as Sims pick things randomly. This means that you will see them talk to any Sim and potentially create a romantic relationship. In a long-term test, these Sims should talk more often to the ones they find the most attractive, and the least to the ones they don't find attractive. If you were to collect the results for a longer period of time, you should see that being the case. Realistically though, they will talk to however they want, so that the game can actually still work.

I don't know of any such nasty stuff you're asking me about. This is a family friendly environment.

tysm! hehe

Is slice of life compatiable?


Hey! There's no compatibility with SoL, but that doesn't mean they conflict. You can use SoL with WonderfulWhims. If you want to use SoL Menstrual Cycle, disable it in WonderfulWhims.

The Mod didn't work on
Do I something wrong or is the mod not compatible with this version
and how can I fix that?

The Mod(wickedwhims) didn't work on
Do I something wrong or is the mod not compatible with this version
and how can I fix that?

Hi, currently i have the same issue and i checked every way except of the re-installing game. Did you find a solution? If you did, could you please share with me :(

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