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the mod doesn't work for me, I did everything correct :( help

my game version is 1.65.70



Please open the mod page and right at the top read the "Supported Game Versions" section.

hello! Is Wonderful Whims compatible with SOL? Will the menstrual cycle feature clash with one another? 

Hey! Both mods will work at the same time, so you will have two separate Menstrual Cycle systems. You can keep it that way, but I would suggest disabling one of them.

Oh okay! Thanks! 

I had this problem before but I have no idea how to fix it I extracted the files but I have no idea what I did wrong.


Are both .ts4script and .package files in the WonderfulWhimsMod folder? Make sure that the folder itself is not too deep, otherwise the game won't see it.

I actually figured it out I was down loading it wrong tysmm

how? It happned to me 2. what can I do?

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Hello I am Having Problems with Wonderful whims for example i did everything the tutorial said but it dosent have any of the features from it and  its like the mod isn't even in my game even though i did everything i had to do Please Could you help me 



What's your game version?

hey guys so im having a issue, im trying to install wonderfulwhims and i keep getting this error. i uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. idk what to do.

I am having the same problem! did you get it fixed?

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Hey! You are already using WickedWhims, you don't need WonderfulWhims. All of the WonderfulWhims features are already part of WickedWhims.

Hey Turbo. I was really excited to play with this mod but as soon as I downloaded and followed all the installation instructions the mod seemed fine at first. I can buy the mod items (birth control, etc.) but I can't access the settings. I would click on a sim and click the wonderful button w/ the heart and then click settings but nothing would happen. So I tried this in a different household and I got a notification in game that said there was an error and to look into LastException.txt (this is from the MC command center mod) So I'm not sure what to do. Is this mod incompatible with MC Command Center? Is there a way to make the settings work for me? 


What's your version of the game?

my version is sorry for the late reply

I'm afraid your game is outdated.

Unfortunately I've got the exact same problem.  Also, I don't get the 'personality' options. And I did get the same notification, even though I downloaded the newest (19 October 2020) version. I'd appreciate it if anybody could help me!! :)


What's your version of the game?

Hi Turbo. I am having a problem with the period system part of wonderful whims. What happens is that my sim will get the PMS moodlets but when she is on her period, she doesn't auto use the pads or tampons (which I have enabled). She only gets the "bleeding through underwear" moodlet on her first day of her period, but the rest of the time she doesn't get that when it's time for her to change her pad. Also, the PMS moodlets for pregnancy don't work for me either (I have them enabled too). I currently have v5 installed and all the other parts of the mod work fine. I really want the period feature to work as it is my favorite feature of the mod.

Hey. But can you use pads and tampons with that Sim? They need to find a nearby toilet to use pads and tampons, perhaps that's a problem. You can change that behavior in settings so a toilet is not needed. You could test if that makes a difference.

I'm not sure what are you calling "PMS moodlets for pregnancy". PMS occurs right before Sim period starts but that's not a rule, sometimes they might not experience anything.

I can use tampons and pads with my sim but I will go to the period tracker and it shows that she is bleeding but if I let her go without a pad or tampon there is no moodlet that shows she is bleeding or that she needs to change her tampon or pad.

I'm trying to understand what you're describing and perhaps your Sim is just on birth control? If so, the hormones are affected in such a way that prevents the cycle regular behavior and bleeding is basically prevented.

I switched to a sim without birth control and she is on day 4 out of 10 of her period but she still doesn't get a moodlet that shows she is bleeding or that she needs to change her tampon or pad. 

hi! i have a problem.. so almost everything works fine but there is something that bothers me. If I use the mouse cursor on a sim (when I am on relationships) there should be a window with "Attractiveness", which says If my Sim thinks the other Sim is "normal looking" or "really attractive". But there's nothing. can anyone help? I really want to have this feature to see who my Sim thinks is attractive

Hey! If there's nothing, then that Sim is not withing your Sim gender preference choice. If a Sim decides they prefer women, men won't have an attractiveness level displayed.

Additionally, this information will disappear for a few seconds after loading or after generating attractiveness preferences.

hm.. I think I've set that my woman sim likes men and the man likes women... But I guess I have to try again. thanks anyways !

Hi! My female sim hooked up with a woman and both her and the other woman got pregnant, may be something going on there!!! I looove this mod, and Wicked Whims, this is just better for me so I can play around my daughter. Thank you for being amazing!

Hey! Are you using the v5 release?

even when i used the cheat to make my sim bi, when i looked at her information it still said she 100% preffered men. the cheat said that her gender preference was changed but everytime i checked her information it still said she preffered men

Hey! What exactly do you use to check that information? Saying that she is "100%" makes me think you're reading some kind of statistic. Which in that case, that sounds normal, as a Sim who likes both males and females at 100% qualifies as Bi. This changes her preferences in Attractiveness as well.

There are two separate values, one for preference towards men and one for preference towards women. When both are maxed out, that is recognized as Bi.

When ever I download the mod it never shows but in the game. Stuff like the birth control shows up but non of the actions. I looked through my mods to see if something could possibly be conflicting with it but I couldn't find any thing and yes I did put the mod in my mods folder. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions on what I can do to fix it.


Does the problem persist when WonderfulWhims is the only mod installed?

let me see

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I took out all of my mods besides wonderful whims and it still didn't work :(

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Are both .package and .ts4script files present in the your Mods folder?

What's your version of the game?

My game is up to date but how do i see if i have the files do i just look them up in the mod folder? If its not there for some reason do you know where i could find it

Yeah, just look in the folder.

I do have them. At this point I don't know what to do or what it could be

Hi, so I have legacy addition for the sims 4 and when I downloaded this mod it said it wouldn't work because I have legacy addition. Do you have a wonderful whims legacy game version for people who play with the legacy edition?

Hey. No, Legacy Edition does not exist and is not planned at this moment, sorry.

Deleted 199 days ago

Hey! What is exactly the issue? There are no known conflicts with other mods at this moment, meaning that Slice of Life and MCCC should be safe to use. Of course they can have contradicting settings, but that's up to you to adjust.

The installation is pretty simple, but you need to do it EXACTLY how it's showed:


Hey ! :) 

Is there an Option, that I can translate it in German for myself ? :o 

Hey, yes, if you have any experience doing so then you shouldn't have a problem doing it already. Otherwise you will have to wait, I will be linking all available translations and include an instruction eventually.

I can Translate it. But I cant find the file, where I can translate it. :( thats my problem. 

Hey :)
Ich schreibe mal auf deutsch, weil ich in Englisch nicht so sicher bin. Wenn du den mod runterlädst kannst nur in Sims4 Studio nur eine Datei öffnen und die beinhaltet so ein Mensch mit einem Herz im Gesicht. Über diesem Bild ist dann ein Tab mit Studio und daneben Warehouse. Da musst du auf warehouse klicken und kannst dann ganz normal deutsch auswählen und übersetzen :) Ich hoffe ich konnte helfen und vielleicht kannst du deine Übersetzung irgendwie für andere zugänglich machen, denn ich persönlich bin immer ein bisschen zu faul zum übersetzen... ;)
Liebe Grüße und viel Spaß <3

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I love that you've done this 😊 So thank you so much! I'm curious if there is any chance you would ever release a separated version of the nude skins that come with WW? I love this version of the mod but would still like anatomically correct bodies and nude in CAS, and yours are the best. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Thanks again!

Hey! Unfortunately no, that goes against the idea of a safe-for-all mod. You will need to supplement it with other mods or switch to Wicked.

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Hello! I love this mod , thank you for your hard work! I do encounter a problem that I think might come from this mod... My sims will romantically complement other sims appearance even in front of their partner, (and just in general) is there a way to lower the chances of sims who are in a relationship from doing that?? 

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Hey! That's difficult to test, so I can't confirm it yet, but I can see how that's potentially possible. Ideally Sims in relationships shouldn't be doing it, so yes, it's quite important this is not caused by the mod. I will look into it.

EDIT: After looking at autonomy tests, there's nothing in them that's directly affected by WonderfulWhims. There's a couple of reasons Sims can just flirt with others at random, but they are usually caused by the situation they are in.

Ok I understand thank you for looking! Must be another mod

Hey! Thanks for making this, I really enjoy having this mod without the wickedness. Would there be the possibility to intregrate the woohoo buffs from Wicked? I really enjoyed them given that the base game only really has two or three and Wicked gave it some variety!

Hey! The game actually had like 15+ of them, but they are location dependent. I am planning on porting them, it's just difficult to add them without breaking things and other mods.

Quick question (that may be a dumb one), is there a way to maintain all the wonderful settings and attractiveness preferences I've set when updating this mod?

Thanks for creating this btw, it adds so much depth to the game and all of us really appreciate you! Now I can't play without it :D


All your settings are saved within your save world, so even if you delete the mod, they will be sitting there and waiting. Unless you have some kind of household purging mod (except MCCC), it should all be there.

Creating a brand new save or loading a save that didn't have WonderfulWhims installed yet will be missing your mod save data though.

Thank you so much! Mmhm, I just have MCCC installed for household management. I'll just replace WW mod then :D

Hey..i  looooove the WonderfulWhims Mod! But i´m from Germany, is there a german translation of this Mod?

Not yet, but if you or anyone is interested there could be!

yea, i‘m really interested and i guess more germans are. A Youtuber namend „simfinity“ play with this Mod and many of her followers asked her for a german translation. So i think a lot people will be happy about it. (sorry my english is not that good)

Hey! I don't think so, not yet at least, but I will eventually collect them all and link them.

thank you for answering! Like the idea. 😊

hey Turbodriver. I just had a quick question about the attraction system. Basically my sims are attracted to both male and females. This isnt a problem if im playing a LGBT family but for my  mainly heterosexual sims i would prefer if this didnt happen. Is there a way to set the preference for all sims to like the opposite sex without having to do it individually? Thank you 

Hey! Look at the features list, there's a command just for that. It's "ww.preference_hetero 100 all", that will make all Sims in your game heterosexual. You can mix multiple commands together with different percentages to create a varied population as well.

ok. Thank you!

Mi sims can't get pregnant

Have you tried not using birth control? Are you using the menstrual cycle? Do you understand how a menstrual cycle works? Do you know what fertility windows are? Are you using the simple pregnancy mode? Did you set pregnancy percentages for pregnancy simple mode? Did you set pregnancy percentages for pregnancy simple mode for NPC Sims as well? Are the Sims involved capable of impregnating and getting pregnant?

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I do not use it, I have used wicked whims, I know how it works and everything but it does not get pregnant.

Try using the WonderfulWhims v4 release.

every time I down load the file it says it’s missing and the first time I downloaded it it was still purple and the same as it was as if I had wicked whims. Please help.

Are you sure you've installed the mod correctly? Make sure to remove WickedWhims if you're going to use WonderfulWhims.

I’ve removed wicked whims. But, it still says file missing? So I’m so confused why it’s not working? 

Sounds like a file is missing, or the game can't see it because it's too deep. Make sure you've got both the Tuning and Script file in your WonderfulWhims folder and that it's not too many folders deep.

so when I extract the files they all should be together in my mods folder correct? 

Either straight in the Mods folder, or keep it in the WonderfulWhimsMod folder to have it organized neatly. Just make sure it's not too many levels deep.

you cannot put the script file in more than one folder it must always be in the first one

my sims can't get pregnant help

Have you tried not using birth control? Are you using the menstrual cycle? Do you understand how a menstrual cycle works? Do you know what fertility windows are? Are you using the simple pregnancy mode? Did you set pregnancy percentages for pregnancy simple mode? Did you set pregnancy percentages for pregnancy simple mode for NPC Sims as well? Are the Sims involved capable of impregnating and getting pregnant?

My sim is not using birth control pills I know how a cycle works and i am not using the cycle I am using simple mode 

Did you set pregnancy percentages for pregnancy simple mode? Did you set pregnancy percentages for pregnancy simple mode for NPC Sims as well? Are the Sims involved capable of impregnating and getting pregnant?

Try using the WonderfulWhims v4 release.

hey my game has been acting weird. and for some reason when i click settings my game pause but the menu didnt pop up this also happend with wicked whims. what should i do?

Update your game and all your mods.


My sim can't get pregnant. I put the mod in 'simple mode'. Are there some other settings I need to change?

Hey! Just enabling "Simple Mode" sets pregnancy chance for playable and NPC Sims to 1%. Unless you increase it, the probability is pretty low.

Try using the WonderfulWhims v4 release.

Anyone else having an issue with male sims getting pregnant when they arent set to be able to??

Hey! Can you explain how does the impregnation occur and what you mean by "they aren't set to be able to"?

the male sims are set in cas as get others pregnant. two male sims woohood - both ended up pregnant. it happened twice!

the second time they both had a condom on

Are you using any other mods that are related to male pregnancy?

I have slice of life installed (removed period folder) and mc command center but i haven't changed anything in there for that. No other mods.

I took to male Sims, made sure they can only impregnate and not get pregnant, had woohoo that would cause pregnancy, but nothing came of it. I don't know how else I can test this, but this doesn't appear to be an issue on my side.

Still, I can see a possibility of this happening if somehow some kind of safeguards fail, so I will make sure to double check for it.


If you are using this mod MCCC's risky woohoo should be disabled, I assume ?


The newest version has a built-in workaround, so you don't have to do that.

my sim is on her period but she doesn’t get any Mod lets or emotions :(

Hey! If you're blocking Sim period with pills then any effects will be blocked. Sometimes Sims don't experience any effects during their period except bleeding. And of course you need these effects to be enabled in settings, assuming you might been changing them.

Is there a Legacy version?

No, there is not and there are currently no plans to make one.


Is there a version for Legacy Edition?

Nope. There're also no plans to create one.

Do mods such as wicked perversion still work? Because I enjoy some of the traits so I was wonder, sorry for any inconvenience!

Nope, Wicked Perversions is based on WickedWhims' adult features. Therefore it will not work with WonderfulWhims.

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Hi! Utterly love this mod! Just wanted to ask about the commands. Trying to make all sims bi but comes up with 'Incorrect <percentage> variable.  Must be integer.' I've tried a few ways to input the percentage but I'm a bit lost. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks!

Can you tell me what's the command you're trying to use, and how you're typing it in?


I am just wondering if this conflicts with Slice of life or WooHooWellness Pregnancy mod?  Also it says that the folder is lost because of something and it happens every time. It says it is lost in my mods folder or something. 

Hey. No, these two mods are not known to conflict, but MC WooHoo could be an issue.

I don't really know what that means. What says you lost something and what exactly?

Here is a screen shot of what it says- also sorry late response.

You have either installed it incorrectly or don't have script mods turned on.

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Seeing the MCCC message makes me believe you have Script Mods enabled, so that means you're either missing the WonderfulWhims TS4SCRIPT file or you placed it too deep into too many folders and the game can't find it.

Hey,i love the mod.

I seem to get pregnant every time I woohoo,even using condoms,so i used the "donate baby to science"option.Exsctly what happens to the babies?

I just went into the genealogy panel and saw that I had 3 living kids and I dont know where they are lol.A toddler and two children :D

Hey. I found out about one conflict so far, MC WooHoo Risky WooHoo will ignore everything else and start pregnancy whether you like it or not. Maybe that's it for you.

The children are doing great things to improve our world, definitely no unethical experiments on humans are performed.

hii!! I was just wondering - will this conflict with Wicked Whims at all? I was just wondering because some of the features are the same and I’m wondering if it’ll cause errors or something. I don’t know much about how mods work :(


Hey. Yes, it will conflict and throw up a ton of errors. If you're using WickedWhims then just don't install this.

the period tracker isnt showing up in my game is there something else i have to do with that? and my sim gets pregnant every woohoo even with birth control and condoms

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Hey! The Period Tracker should show up once your Sim experiences their first period. I will most likely be changing that behavior a little because it seems that a lot of users are confused about it.

As for the pregnancy thing, I cannot confirm your issue in my game, so there's unfortunately nothing I can do about it right now. I would like to know why you're having these issues though, so if you learn anything, please let me know. Perhaps you have another mod that affects things?

My sims get pregnant with every woohoo too. No idea what is causing this.

Do you have MC WooHoo Risky WooHoo chance set?

I do. It's at 0%

I was mistaken, I meant the "Woohoo_TryForBabyPercent" setting, which is by default set at 80%. Nonetheless, you don't need to bother checking, the v3 release will handle that for you.

Is it compatible with wicked whims


Wicked Whims already has all of these features. This is just a SFW version


It's very much NOT compatible.

Would it be possible to integrate the underwear system from wickedwhims for regular woohoo in this mod?

Hey! To be completely honest, I don't like that system very much, and with it, I don't see a lot of value of integrating it. The idea is not out of the question, but I'm not convinced it's worth implementing.

I will be adding a Nude WooHoo option later on, so perhaps that would be a good starting point to think about it.

Fair enough, from the way in which the underwear system works I assume it was a massive pain to get working due the way in which the sims 4 categorises outfits

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Hi I have a question. How exactly do Woohoo and TFB interactions work in terms of menstrual cycle? I couldn't really find the difference between them in the description. Is the TFB interaction even changed by this mod and if so how in comparison to the woohoo interaction? I'm still testing some things with this mod and apparently a Sim with a 0% chance of getting pregnant (was on period) couldn't even make a pregnancy test after a woohoo while a TFB interaction resulted in a pregnancy.

Hey! By default, there are no TFB interactions, as WooHoo is merged with them, but assuming you kept them separate with a setting, WooHoo is just that, it doesn't cause pregnancy. In that situation, only TFB can cause pregnancy, but with a 0% chance it should have not happened so that's a mystery for now.

Of course, I have to mention, that other mods that alter pregnancy could have an effect, but I am not aware of any that do. At least not yet.

In any case, if this an issue, thank you for mentioning it, I will test things over again to be sure everything is in order. That's the best I can do in this situation.

I know there are no TFB interactions by default. I enabled them in my game (guess I should've mentioned that). I rewrite my question. Does the menstrual cycle have any effect on the TFB interaction? And does enabling the TFB interaction cause anything else? I'm asking cause in game it says "enabling will make the regular TFB and Woohoo" or something like that when enabling TFB, so I'm not sure how it works with the Menstrual Cycle. But yes, I had 2 Sims TFB when one Sim was on her period with a 0% pregnancy chance and got pregnant. The woohoo part seems to be working though

The ability to keep WooHoo and TFB separate is if you care to have the base game mechanics untouched. WooHoo is just for fun, and if that's what you want, that's what you get. Otherwise, both are merged, giving birth control a little more purpose.

As for the 0% pregnancy, I've ran a few tests and ended up releasing the v2 version. It doesn't actually address anything in this regard though, as pregnancy chances were working as intended.

It's hard to say anything more, I didn't see what you did in your game to have a suspicion of anything. Menstrual Cycle chances change from day to day, as the cycle progresses, but I have to assume you know that and you know that the pregnancy chance could increase.

If you have anything more to say about this, perhaps you did more tests and you found out something or it's related to some external element, please let me know.

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Okay good. Now that makes sense.  In the Birth Control setting of the feature list it says that its compatible with Lumpinous Woohoo Wellness mod.  My question now is does WonderfulWhims Birth Control work if you use the Pregnancy and Birth Control system of Lumpinous mod or do you mean by compatible that there just aren't any technical conflicts? Also in the Birth Control feauture tab it says:

  • Fully compatible and functioning with WooHoo and Try for Baby interactions

If the Woohoo and TFB being seperates is enabled you said that it work with base game mechanics. Does that mean that the chances of pregnancy are the default ones by Maxis? So how exactly would Birth Control work or affect the Woohoo and TFB interaction if enabled? 

Lumpinou's birth control does work with WonderfulWhims, although there are reports of it being spotty.

There is no "default maxis" pregnancy chances. Once you install WonderfulWhims, pregnancy occurrences are fully operated by it. Separating interactions has no effect on that.

Hey turbo!!! Thank you so much for this! I've wanted the attraction system by itself for ages. Quick question - is there a way to disable the Sim Menu for this mod? That was a big issue I had with WW because I didn't want my young family playing my game to see the menu. It won't be a big deal for this mod itself but I'd love to see that functionality if it's not there already!


Hey! How do you imagine that working? You need to click on Sims to access settings and give Sims special traits. There's nothing wrong with the "Wonderful" button to have a need to hide it, right?

(1 edit)

If you could provide a command cheat like MCCC to access settings as well, (mc_settings), OR force the menu to be part of the Debug menu instead of the standard Sim menu (requiring users to shift-click to see it) or an option to change the menu to that Debug menu, it would be one less 'settings' menu clogging up the pie menu when I click another sim to talk to them! This mod currently adds two pie menu options, and MCCC adds one, but if I can turn them all off I have an uncluttered sim menu and don't have to click through extra menus to get to interactions. I hope this makes sense!

Edit: I don't use SOL or Sacrificial mods but I imagine those users would appreciate this too, as there's so many menus already! If they don't provide new interactions then they don't necessarily need to be front and centre.

Hey turbo, not sure if you saw my reply. This mod currently adds two pie menu options, and MCCC adds one, but if I can turn them all off I have an uncluttered sim menu and don't have to click through extra menus to get to interactions. I don't use SOL or Sacrificial mods but I imagine those users would appreciate this too, as there's so many menus already! If they don't provide new interactions then they don't necessarily need to be front and centre.

Yes, I've seen it. I received this kind of request before once, could have been you too actually. As far as it goes, this is not something I see as a problem at all. Organization of the pie menu is important to me, but I'm not going to put extra effort for this purpose. I'm simply using what the game offers and intends to do, and does it itself with updates and expansions.

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