Update - WonderfulWhims v35

Supported Game Versions:
1.90.375, 1.91.205

(Legacy Edition is unsupported)

Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!


- Changelog -

v35 [2022-07-30]

  • Added 'Post-Puberty' teen-specific Wonderful Attribute (trait)
    • After installing the High School Years expansion pack, you might notice that all teen Sims are constantly dealing with puberty and acne. Besides it being annoying for the teen Sims, it can be pretty annoying for the player too, so you can now disable puberty and acne on individual teen Sims with the 'Post-Puberty' Wonderful Attribute.
  • Made 'Crush' sentiment require at least Attractive level of Attractiveness
  • Updated Impressions to support new traits and social interactions
  • Added support for the Haunted House, Ferris Wheel, Tunnel Love, and Photo Booth WooHoo

v34 [2022-07-27]

  • Compatibility with the 1.90.358 game patch
  • Updated the phone icons to match the new style
  • Added support for the new CAS Sexual Orientation functionality

v33 [2022-06-16]

  • Compatibility with the 1.89.214 game patch
  • Support for the Werewolves Game Pack
  • Added support for the Lumpinou’s LGBTQIA+ mod

v32 [2022-06-06]

  • Added 'Ovulation' status moodlet
    • To balance the menstrual cycle experience, Sims now know when they are the most fertile, instead of you having to check phone apps or debug info.
  • Simplified and rebalanced the Impressions feature
    • The simplification changes make this feature a lot more straightforward, simply offering additional personality traits that come with social interactions and personality compatibility.
    • Additional social interactions are only available between Sims that discover each other personality and their personalities are compatible. Having conversations that fit Sims compatible personalities grows their positive impression which improves their relationship.
  • Removed the ability to fake personality
  • Replaced the 'Greedy' personality with the 'Sinister' personality
    • The 'Greedy' personality archetype has been replaced due to being very limited and narrow-minded. The 'Sinister' personality archetype is all about doing bad things and making Sims feel bad.
  • Added 'Romance Gender Preference Outcome' setting
    • Normally in the game, Sims don't care about their gender preference and will be alright flirting with anybody, as their preference is meant to be fluid and adapt to the player's actions. With Attractiveness allowing you to select gender preference, this can be problematic as all Sims will respond positively to flirting. The 'Romance Gender Preference Outcome' setting will alter all romance responses to respect gender preference so you will not be confused anymore.
  • Updated text to support custom pronouns
  • Decreased save data size on disk

v31 [2022-03-15]

  • Assured compatibility with the 1.85.203 (March 15th) game patch
  • Fixed Sim-specific save data reverting on travel
  • Fixed Attractiveness CAS Likes & Dislikes not updating Sim's gender preferences
  • Fixed some menstrual cycle moodlets not disappearing after Sim's period ends

v30 [2022-01-26]

  • Added 'Ask to Stop Using Birth Control' social interaction
    • Sims with developed friendship and romance can now decide together to stop using Birth Control. Sims that agree to stop using Birth Control will stop automatically taking birth control pills and using condoms during WooHoo.
  • Added 'Take Away All Sims Wicked Attributes' interaction
  • Fixed 'Ask about Health' not working correctly
  • Purchasing the 'Crabs Immune' reward trait will now clear crabs from the Sim

v29 [2021-12-19]

  • Stability fixes and improvements

v28 [2021-12-05]

  • Fixed a minor issue with the reworked save system

v27 [2021-12-03]

  • Assured compatibility with the 1.82.99 game patch
  • Fixed and reworked the integrated save system for improved stability
  • Fixed Sims gender preference not updating on game load

v26 [2021-11-02]

  • Added 'NPC Sims Birth Control Use Behavior' Birth Control setting
    • With this setting you can control how likely NPC Sims are to use birth control during WooHoo/Try for Baby.

v25 [2021-10-14]

  • Fixed Sims using a condom twice during WooHoo/TFB
  • Fixed not being able to change pads or tampons using public bathrooms
  • Improved compatibility with the 'CAS Preferences Disabler' mod
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Lumpinou's mods

v24 [2021-09-16]

  • Added an ability to Export & Import settings between saves
  • You can now easily select all Sims or specific groups of Sims you want to give Wicked Attributes
  • Added icons to flirty social interactions when clicked Sim is considered at least Very Attractive
    • Tired of opening the Sim Profile panel to see if your Sim finds another attractive? The Attractiveness icons will now show up on flirty interactions when your Sim finds the clicked Sim very attractive.
    • After reaching 25% of the romance bar the icons will disappear to keep things looking cleaner.

  • Added 'Birth Control Effect on Period' Menstrual Cycle setting
    • For those who want Sims to experience periods, but still prevent pregnancy with Birth Control Pills, disable this setting to make Birth Control Pills not affect the menstrual cycle PMS/period.
  • Added 'Decreased (Very Low)' Menstrual Cycle Fertility Level
    • If you need an even lower chance of Sims getting pregnant using the Menstrual Cycle, you can now use the 'Decreased' level.
    • 0%-3% (Window I)
    • 6%-10% (Window II)
    • 15%-20% (Window III/Ovulation)
  • Manual non-instant usage of tampons/pads no longer displays a notification
  • Added Sweating
  • Added 'Sweating Overlay Switch' setting
    • Everybody sweats, even Sims, although that wasn't very visible until now. Giving your Sims a workout will result in a gradually increasing layer of sweat on their body. With that, you can easily tell how much effort they put into trying to stay healthy and fit.
  • Added 'No Sweat' reward trait
    • Sims with the ‘Gym Rat’ trait sweat a lot less, and purchasing the 'No Sweat’ reward trait completely prevents sweating. Obviously, the entire feature can be disabled with 'Sweating Overlay Switch’ setting.

v23 [2021-08-10]

  • Fixed Sims custom save data failing to load

v22 [2021-07-24]

  • Added support for the Cottage Living Expansion Pack

v21 [2021-07-22]

  • Assured compatibility with the 1.77.131 game patch
  • Fixed Sims not being able to use condoms when not standing to use toilet
  • Fixed the Hypofertile trait not working correctly for male Sims
  • Fixed Sims not removing their tampon/pad after their period ends
  • Made save data of dead Sims be automatically purged after each update

v20 [2021-06-07]

  • Fixed Attractiveness not updating Sims gender preference

v19 [2021-06-02]

  • Fixed errors after loading the game

v18 [2021-06-02]

  • Fixed Attractiveness causing the Decorator Career to not work correctly
  • Fixed Attractiveness Likes and Dislikes inconsistency

v17 [2021-06-01]

  • Added "Simple Attractiveness" to CAS Likes & Dislikes
  • Added new hair colors to Attractiveness

You can now adjust Sims Attractiveness Preferences in CAS using the Likes & Dislikes interface! As you might notice, not everything that's possible to configure in regular Attractiveness is available in Simple Attractiveness... that's because it's simple!

Certain preference options have been simplified to correspond to multiple preferences in regular Attractiveness. For example, liking "Brown Hair Color" will simultaneously like all 5 different types of Brown Hair Color. This should help with the limited number of likes/dislikes and make selecting things more efficient.

Your selections in CAS Attractiveness will automatically synchronize with in-game Attractiveness choices. This does not work the other way around, meaning that your choices of Attractiveness in-game won't synchronize with choices in CAS. That's because of the process of simplification and because of the limit of likes and dislikes. CAS choices take priority and will always take precedence over your in-game choices.

You can still adjust preferences of Sims in-game along with CAS Likes & Dislikes or even completely ignore the ability to adjust preferences in CAS. Note that because choices in CAS take precedence, changing a preference of something in-game that is an established choice in CAS will not work and that change will be overridden by the CAS selection. Not selecting anything in CAS will not remove your choices in-game.

v16 [2021-05-28]

  • Added compatibility for the CAS Likes & Dislikes
Changing Sim color preference in CAS will automatically sync the choices in Attractiveness. Sims existing preferences won't be removed. A better implementation for Likes & Dislikes is in works.

v15 [2021-05-20]

  • Simplified Birth Control settings
  • Fixed Sims using birth control when not allowed

v14 [2021-05-02]

  • Fixed issues with Lumpinou's mods compatibility

v13 [2021-04-30]

  • Fixed pets pregnancy not working in certain circumstances
  • Fixed Sims using fireplaces when going to custom rabbit holes
  • Improved compatibility with Lumpinou's mods
  • Improved overall compatibility with mods
  • Renamed the "Native Pregnancy Override" setting to "Override Game/Mods Pregnancy"

v12 [2021-03-12]

  • Made it more obvious when Sims can't menstruate
  • Fixed pads effects not being removed when replacing the used pad
  • Fixed Tanning Salon not working correctly
  • Fixed Hot Springs WooHoo not being supported

v11 [2021-02-26]

  • Added 'Wonderful Store' rabbit hole for a convenient way of purchasing items

You're not longer required to order items and wait for them or buy them through Build/Buy. Just send a Sim to the Wonderful Store rabbit hole and bring anything you need, the trip only takes 25 minutes. How convenient, almost like it's a convenience store!
  • Introduced 'Attractiveness Frozen World View' as the new default behavior
  • Added 'Attractiveness Dynamic World View Switch' setting
Frozen? World View? What does this mean? 😱 In short, Sims perspective on how attractive something is depended on how commonly it appears in the world. As new Sims are generated in your world, they affect how common certain clothing, body shapes, and other attractive elements are, by introducing more of them to the world. Because something is very common, it becomes less special and loses its attractiveness appeal. This is why some Sims change their opinion on how attractive another Sim is because the world is shaping them this way.

So what happens when the World View is Frozen? Your current world view gets frozen and persists to the end of time, preventing Sims attractiveness opinion of others to change because of the continuously growing world population. Still, Sims attractiveness views will change if their clothing, body or other details change, or their preferences change. Attractiveness still works exactly the same as before except it doesn't unpredictably alter things behind your back.

Don't like that change? Want to keep the dynamic World View? Easy, go to Wonderful Settings -> Relationship Settings -> Attractiveness Settings and enable the Attractiveness Dynamic World View setting.
  • Asking about preferences is no longer unavailable when Sims are incompatible
  • Asking about preferences will now inform about Sims lack of interest due to gender preference
  • Improved writing of Attractiveness functions and interactions
To hopefully encourage more people to experiment, certain words have been altered to appear less technical. This comes with a simplification of certain functionalities to make them easier to understand.
"Generating" is now "Developing" to indicate it's about creating rather than some kind of raw technical process that requires more brainpower.
"Generator Mode" is now "Strength" as that is its purpose, to make the developed attractiveness matter more or less.
  • Made Developing Attractiveness based on Romantic Partners available for Promised pairs.
  • Added 'Gender Preference Distribution Weights' setting to Relationship Cheats

This menu is for adjusting newly generated Sims gender preference distribution weights. To simplify, when a new Sim is added to your world, they randomly choose which sex they are attracted to, and these values decide about it.

This is a base game mechanic, and the values you see below are the default distribution weight values. Attractiveness uses this mechanic to figure out Sim's preference for a particular gender. Normally there's no way to affect this, but altering the distribution weights is safe to do and will be compatible with other mods you have.

The menu below has a field in which you specify the probability of a given gender preference being selected for a newly generated Sim. These values are limitless, but it's best to see them as percentages, ranging from 0 to 100.

Making the first value higher will cause Sims to generate more often with no preference at all. The second and third value manipulates the probability of heterosexual and homosexual Sims appearing in your world. And the last value is simply for bisexual Sims appearing more or less commonly in your world.

  • Simplified Pregnancy Settings mode changing
  • Added 'Normal-To-Long' Menstrual Cycle Duration
For players with a custom life duration that's between 61 and 244 days of adult life, the Normal-To-Long duration should provide a better experience.
  • Made tampon/pad use interactions on toilets not visible for Sims without a menstrual cycle
Or when the Menstrual Cycle mode is disabled.
  • Made changing tampon/pad on toilets relieve Sim bladder

  • Added 'Go to Tanning Salon' rabbit hole interaction
Requires the 'Island Living' expansion pack.

  • Fixed Bats WooHoo not working with Transforming WooHoo into TFB enabled

v10 [2020-12-29]

  • Fixed the 'Random' Attractiveness Generator Type not being completely random
  • Made 'Ask about Attractiveness Preferences' interaction unavailable when the Sim gender preference is not compatible with your Sim

v9 [2020-12-25]

  • Significantly improved simulation performance

v8 [2020-12-08]

  • Added 'Randomize Wonderful Attributes' interaction
  • Added support for the LGBT Mod by PimpMySims4
  • Made Attractiveness support all of the new skin tones
  • Fixed inconsistency of displayed attractiveness level after game loading
  • Fixed Attractiveness Sims selectors showing incorrect Sims
  • Fixed Wonderful objects displaying description twice in some dialogs

v7 [2020-11-14]

  • Attractiveness and WooHoo compatibility with the Snowy Escape Expansion Pack
  • Made pregnancy behavior override even more strict to avoid potential issues

v6 [2020-11-11]

  • Added compatibility for the 1.68.156 (November 17th) game patch
  • Fixed Wonderful items disappearing from Sims inventory when flagging household as unplayed
  • Made pregnancy behavior override more strict to avoid potential issues
  • Fixed some commands causing errors when provided with unnecessary arguments
  • Updated support for WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul mod
  • Improved Sims-related operations reliability

v5 [2020-10-19]

  • Fixed abnormal male pregnancy occurrences

v4 [2020-10-16]

  • Reworked pregnancy initiation to avoid conflicts with other mods
  • Fixed replacing Pads/Tampons not properly resetting usage timer
  • Simple Mode Player and NPC Sims Pregnancy Chance settings are now set to 80% by default
  • Fixed an error with Attractiveness generation
  • Added online version checking for new updates

v3 [2020-10-08]

  • Sims can now use their Period Tracker even if they didn't experience their first period yet
  • Fixed a conflict with MC WooHoo causing pregnancies to ignore the Menstrual Cycle and Birth Control

v2 [2020-10-03]

  • Fixed an issue with condoms not having an effect
  • Fixed an issue with Attractiveness not generating preferences for Sims



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