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The CAS Preferences Disabler Mod removes CAS Likes & Dislikes introduced by WickedWhims and WonderfulWhims.

If you don't want WonderfulWhims/WickedWhims Likes & Dislikes displayed in CAS, get this mod!


  1. Extract the WonderfulWhims & WickedWhims CAS Preferences Disabler ZIP archive file.
  2. Open the folder with WickedWhims/WonderfulWhims files.
  3. Place the !WonderfulWhims&WickedWhims_DisableCASLikes.package file inside the folder with other WickedWhims/WonderfulWhims files.

If this mod doesn't work after following the installation instructions, try removing the "!" (exclamation mark) from the name of the file.
If your game refuses to turn on after installing this mod, you might not be able to use it.

Tested on the 1.90.375 (August 6th 2022) game version.

  • This mod is meant to be used with WickedWhims or WonderfulWhims.
  • This mod does not override anything in the game files.


WonderfulWhims & WickedWhims CAS Preferences Disabler.zip 5 kB