Creating WickedWhims Animations Package [3]

This tutorial will explain to you how to create a The Sims 4 package with animations for WickedWhims. If you want to know how to create animations check the ‘Creating Basic Animations In Blender’ tutorial and 'Converting Blender Animations to Clips’.

1. Download tools

> S4PE - Download (at least version 0.5.5)

> Modding Toolbox - Download (or use Hash Generator in Sims4Studio)

Note that archives for 7-Zip (.7z) should be unpacked using 7-Zip, otherwise, it may result in errors when using the unpacked files.

2. Create a new package

> 2.1. Open S4PE and create a new package (File -> New).

Unless you already have a package.

> 2.2. Import your animation, CLIP (.animation) and CLHD (.bnry) files to your package.

Unless you already have a package with your animations.

> 2.3. Double click on the CLIP file in the package to open 'Resource Details’ menu.

> 2.4. Select 'Use resource name’ and 'Rename if present’ and type in the name of your animation to be able to recognize it easier in the future.

The ’_KEY’ file will be created which keeps all names of your files in your package.

> 2.5. This is how your package should look after importing and naming files.

3. Create XML WickedWhims Animations Tuning File

For this, you have to check out the 'Creating WickedWhims Animation XML File' tutorial on how to do this.

4. Import XML WickedWhims animation file

Simply import the created XML file to your package, by clicking 'Resource -> Import -> From file...' or drag and drop the file into S4PE. That’s it, your package is ready. Remember to save it. The only thing now is to put the created package into the Mods folder and test it.

Last update: 21st of April 2020

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