Update - WickedWhims v166f

Supported Game Versions:

1.80.69, 1.81.72, 1.82.99

Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!


- Changelog -


  • Assured compatibility with the 1.82.99 game patch
  • Fixed and reworked the integrated save system for improved stability


  • Added a feedback failure notification when using the 'Make a Move' interaction
  • Fixed Sims using objects with cluttered surfaces for sex autonomy
  • Fixed roommate Sims being recognized as visitors
  • Fixed traveling with Sims that are having sex getting stuck after loading
  • Fixed sex animations props handling inconsistency
  • Improved sex satisfaction moodlets distribution
  • Fixed Sims not using birth control pills to prevent pregnancy
  • Fixed 'On a Dark Ley Line' lot trait not affecting pregnancy from sex
  • Adjusted Strip Club dancers tips amounts required to undress
  • Adjusted order of Strip Club phone interactions
  • Fixed Sims gender preference not updating on game load
  • Made Wicked Attributes Personalization interactions available through the Relationships Panel
  • Made the Sim Statistics interaction available through the Relationships Panel
  • Removed custom statistics from the Sim Stats window


  • Assured compatibility with the 1.81.72 (November 2nd) game patch
  • Fixed sex interactions not resuming after loading the game


  • Extended the number of satisfaction moodlets that can be awarded after sex
  • Fixed sex breaking when no additional animations are installed
  • Fixed Sims reacting to nudity privacy with some objects when not supposed to
  • Improved precision of windows height detection for window peeping
  • Improved compatibility with the 'CAS Preferences Disabler' mod
  • Improved randomization of wicked attributes behavior


  • Made Sims participating in yoga and meditation classes not react to nudity
  • Fixed Strip Club dances sometimes appearing misaligned
  • Fixed window peeping Sims sometimes causing an error when visiting
  • Fixed using public bathrooms to change pads or tampons not working
  • Fixed text missing in the Dynamic Animations Disabler
  • Fixed incorrect text in a Pubic Hair interaction

Wicked Attributes

  • You can now easily select all Sims or specific groups of Sims you want to give Wicked Attributes


  • Introduced Social Context Sex Questions
Tired of constantly seeing the same "Do you want to have sex?" message? It's no longer there!

Social Context Sex Questions recognize Sims relationship status and pick from 80 different question variants to keep things interesting. Whether Sims are enemies, friends, strangers or married, a fitting contextually question will be selected. And with it, a few answers that provide special effects changing the sex dynamic, outcome, or simply making Sims embarrassed for asking weird things

And if for some reason you want the old plain question, you can go to Sex Settings -> Autonomy Settings -> Asking for Sex Dialogs Settings and disable the 'Social Context Sex Questions Dialogs' setting.

Thank you to Husk, EllaNoir, and Jarl44 for contributing writing!

  • Reworked "Have Sex" interaction into "Make a Move" interaction
Initially the "Have Sex" interaction was created to mirror the "WooHoo" interaction, indicating that Sims can simply have sex. This didn't leave a lot of intrigue for the player, giving you a straight answer when the possibility is available.

The new "Make a Move" interaction doesn't work like that! It will show up a little earlier than usual, introducing a possibility for failure, so you will have to put some effort into building the relationship before you can safely attempt it.

  • Added 'Slow Down Time During Player Sex' advanced sex setting
You want Sims to have sex for hours but not miss work or important events? That's easy! Just manipulate time, duh... After enabling this advanced setting, all sex that involves playable Sims will radiate sensuality that bends time itself. Everything in the game will run at half the speed (unless you're using double or triple time speed) until the sex interaction ends.

You can find this setting in Sex Settings -> Sex Interaction -> Advanced Sex Interaction Settings.

  • Added Sex Sentiments
Satisfying and Unsatisfying sex can now come with Sentiments! This is my first time adding sentiments, so I went with something simple to try it out. I'm hoping to introduce more in future updates.

Sims can acquire the positive sex sentiment if they both had a very positive experience and they haven't already gained it with anybody else. It's meant to be rare. And once a Sim has this sentiment, they will get a flirty moodlet when around their sexual partner

In the same way, Sims can acquire the negative sex sentiment if they let down their partner by failing to satisfy them. This one is meant to be rare as well. And once a Sim has this sentiment, they will get an embarrassed moodlet when around their disappointed sexual partner.

Both of the sentiments are short-term and only give an hour-long moodlet. The "Relationship Impact from Sex" setting has to be enabled for these to show up.

Thanks to Jarl44 for helping with writing!
  • Added the 'Dynamic Animations Disabler'
  • Added the 'Dynamic Autonomy Animations Disabler'
Are you tired of disabling individual animations you don't want? That shouldn't be an issue anymore! With the Dynamic Animations Disabler you can simply select a sex category, orientation, number of participants, or location category and all animations that fit the criteria will be disabled.

Located under Wicked -> Settings -> Sex Settings -> Dynamic Animations Disabler and Wicked -> Settings -> Sex Settings -> Autonomy Settings -> Dynamic Autonomy Animations Disabler.

  • Added '"Both" Gender As Specific Recognition' setting
Altering this setting allows you to introduce a consistent choice when WickedWhims assigns Sims roles in sex for animations that come with a BOTH (B) role. This means that all BOTH (B) roles in every sex animation will be dynamically replaced with your choice. The actual animation role will still stay as BOTH behind the scenes, allowing you to swap Sims in same-sex scenarios, but otherwise it will assure consistency in animations depending on what you desire to achieve.

You can find this setting under Sex Settings -> Gender Settings.
  • All animations of the currently playing author will now display on the top of the list when changing animations
  • Unified alphabetical ordering of animation authors
When you're trying out new animations by an author you like but they are at the bottom of the animations list, it can get pretty annoying scrolling down every time you open the menu. From now on, the currently used animation author will always show up at the top of the list so you can easily continue using their animations.
  • Sex Initiation Setting set to 'Instant' no longer requires enabling 'Always Accept'
  • Fixed Sims greeting each other after having sex

Menstrual Cycle / Pregnancy

  • Added 'Decreased (Very Low)' Menstrual Cycle Fertility Level
If you need an even lower chance of Sims getting pregnant using the Menstrual Cycle, you can now use the 'Decreased' level.

0%-3% (Window I) 6%-10% (Window II) 15%-20% (Window III/Ovulation)
  • Potential Pregnancy notification now includes if the condom broke during sex
That's right, condoms can break during sex but there was never a way to know it happened. This information will now be included in the usual pregnancy warning notification so you can already be aware things could become complicated.

Sex Technical / Animations

  • Added an ability for animators to adjust props offset
  • Split 'COUNTER' location category into 'COUNTER', 'COUNTER_ISLAND', and 'COUNTER_CORNER'
Using counters for sex animations was always an issue with their different shapes, especially that there are 7 different elements. From this update forward regular counters are recognized as 'COUNTER', island counters (the ones with the surface sticking out) are recognized as 'COUNTER_ISLAND', and all of the other pieces are recognized as 'COUNTER_CORNER'. This will assure better animations compatibility, decrease clipping, and improve sex autonomy.
  • Introduced new default set of animations
Previously WickedWhims would always come with a few awful sex animations made by me a few years ago. I believe this could give some newcomers a bad impression and it's not a great way to invite them to the varied and huge world of animation creators. From this release onward, WickedWhims will come with a few preview animations made by multiple creators which will hopefully give new players a better first impression and encourage them to get more.

Here are the animation creators participating in the preview initiative. You most likely already know them, but if not, check them out! Thank you!

Oh, and if for some reason you want my old animations, here's a download link.


  • Added icons to flirty social interactions when clicked Sim is considered at least Very Attractive
Tired of opening the Sim Profile panel to see if your Sim finds another attractive? The Attractiveness icons will now show up on flirty interactions when your Sim finds the clicked Sim very attractive.

After reaching 25% of the romance bar the icons will disappear to keep things looking cleaner.


  • Replaced Naturism/Nudity icon with an improved design
  • Introduced 'Nudity Enthusiast' Wicked Attribute (trait)
  • Added 'All Sims Nudity Enthusiasts' Nudity Setting
Significant changes to an old feature, uh oh!

Nudity lacks control, every Sim would always become interested in Naturism and the entire world becomes naked. This isn't necessarily bad but you lack a way to manipulate it. The introduction of Nudity Enthusiasts is meant to introduce more control to the nudity system.

Sims without the Nudity Enthusiast Wicked Attribute (trait) will not gain any nudity-related skills, will not attempt to undress to certain activities, and will overall avoid nudity when not necessary. You can still undress Sims that aren't Nudity Enthusiasts, but they are not going to grow that interest or undress on their own.

The Nudity Enthusiast Wicked Attribute allows you to decide which Sims are meant to get naked. But don't worry! All of the Sims that already have the Naturism (or Exhibitionism) skill at level 2 or higher will automatically gain the Nudity Enthusiast Wicked Attribute. In addition, the 'All Sims Nudity Enthusiasts' setting will be automatically enabled for old saves, so your game will continue to work as usual. You don't have to change anything unless you want to use this new approach!

In short, Sims won't randomly become nudity maniacs anymore and you have full control over which Sims supposed to be interested in nudity activities. But if you don't want this control, you can just enable the old system.

  • Introduced 'Fears Nudity' Wicked Attribute (trait)
Where is the fun in introducing Nudity Enthusiasts if there's no Sims that Fear Nudity. This Wicked Attribute isn't exactly like the "Never Nude" trait from The Sims 3 but it's close enough!

Sims that Fear Nudity will avoid any nudity that doesn't involve them using a toilet, bathing, or having sex. They can still undress but that will definitely ruin their mood. And overall they don't feel comfortable being around other naked Sims and have a negative reaction to seeing others in the nude.

  • Introduced 'Nudist Hangout' Lot Trait
  • Renamed the 'Nudist' Lot Trait to 'Casual Nudity'
Introducing Nudity Enthusiasts is cool and all, but how do Sims become one in regular gameplay? Easy! Social interactions and the 'Nudist Hangout' lot trait!

Make any lot a Nudist Hangout and Sims visiting it will slowly convert to Nudity Enthusiasts, either by hanging out at the place or from talking to others about it. This can be a perfect fit for a nudist beach if you want it to affect Sims and get them to enjoy the naked life.

Oh, and the previously named "Nudist" lot trait is now a "Casual Nudity" lot trait to reflect its purpose better. Sims at lots that allow for Casual Nudity will simply not mind being naked but won't develop any interest in the matter on their own.

  • Improved nudity-related social interactions
Nudity-related social interactions now make more sense and have been expanded to allow converting Sims into Nudity Enthusiasts. And Sims that Fear Nudity absolutely hate talking about nudity.
  • Added the 'Everyone But Nudity Enthusiasts' door lock
If you're interested in making locations that only allow Nudity Enthusiasts or Exhibitionists you can use the new door lock! This way entire buildings or specific areas can be made exclusively for nudity lovers.

  • Improved tracking of Sims nudity (nudity reasons)
Sims nudity is now tracked in detail, and although you might not notice it very much, I can assure you that they will no longer develop any nudity-related skills when just taking a shower.
  • Added the 'ww.remove_global_nudity_trait' command to remove Nudity Enthusiast trait from all Sims
If you're not happy with Sims automatically receiving the 'Nudity Enthusiast' trait with this update, you can use the "ww.remove_global_nudity_trait" command which will remove the trait and reset the Naturism skill from all Sims in the game. This will not affect Sims with the 'Exhibitionist' trait.

Strip Club

  • Added Strip Club Quirks and Quirk Points!
  • Added 'Manage Business Quirks' interaction on the Sim phone
Simply running your business will earn you Quirk Points! Every time a drink is purchased, a bunch of money is thrown at a dancer, a lap dance is finished, a janitor cleans up something or repairs something, a dancer charms a client or kicks out a loiterer client, your business earns points. And you can use these points to activate Strip Club Quirks!
  • Added 6 free Strip Club Quirks for adjusting the business behavior
After clicking the 'Manage Business Quirks' interaction on your Sim phone, you will see a new window where you can select which quirks you want to activate or deactivate. These quirks will change how your business behaves, by limiting or changing certain behavior.

With "Men's Club", "Women's Club", and "Only Known Faces" quirks you can adjust who visits your business. This will adjust dynamically depending on the gender preference of your dancers as well

With the "Never/Always Undress Dancers" quirks you can adjust if dancers should always dance naked or never undress.

And especially for the dedicated male strip clubs, activating "Erection Affection" will make your dancers always erect while dancing.

  • Added 3 paid Strip Club Quirks for adjusting the business behavior
The "Cheaper Bar Supplies" quirk allows to save some money... but risks making drinker clients a little sick, which might require some extra cleaning after they vomit on the floor. Worth it though, right?

The "Rhythm Catcher" quirk makes dancers earn more money, but they do get tired faster from performing to the music so much. Make sure to have a DJ or a Stereo playing for this one to work

The "Less Trashy" quirk removes trash showing up everywhere, but be careful, that sets the standard for a clean establishment really high, and having water puddles, vomit, or dirty glasses around will make clients leave in disgust.

  • Drinker Clients have a very low chance to vomit after having a drink
  • Clients will now complain about a messy club and leave
Although rare, clients will now be able to vomit on the floor and complain about a messy club even without any Strip Club Quirks enabled.
  • Added a Click-The-Spot game for playable dancers
  • Added 'Click-The-Spot Game Switch' setting to Strip Club settings
When dancing as a dancer you will notice a magical floating glowing spot around your Sim. Clicking that spot will decrease Sim's tiredness and increase tips. It's a simple mini-game I decided to implement for fun, but if you find it annoying or distracting, you can disable it in Nudity Settings -> Strip Club Settings.

Pubic Hair

  • Added 'Trim Pubic Hair' interaction available directly on the mirror
To make keeping Sims pubic hair neat and stylized at all times, the "Trim Pubic Hair" interaction has been added to quickly access that function instead of clicking through three or more menu categories.
  • Introduced a custom animation for stylizing pubic hair at the mirror
Stylizing pubic hair at the mirror will now actually involve the usage of scissors instead of just spinning.

The animation was made by
wild_guy and implemented with help from Basemental. Thanks!

Window Peeping

  • Fixed NPC Sims getting confused when switching windows



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