Update - WickedWhims v169b

Supported Game Versions:

1.82.99, 1.83.24, 1.84.197, 1.85.203, 1.86.166, 1.88.228

Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!


- Changelog -


  • Fixed 'Multiple Sims Start Switch' not working with playlists
  • Fixed bisexual Sims always not being interested in watching sex
  • Fixed strapon appearing on Sims when it is unnecessary
  • Fixed Sims not wanting to undress on 'Casual Nudity' and 'Nudist Hangout' lots
  • Fixed the 'ww.fix' command causing a crash in very big worlds
  • Decreased save data size on disk


  • Added 'Master Settings' section for quick controls of gameplay features
Whether it's someone new, someone lost, or someone starting a new game, being able to quickly switch off the features you don't want can be very valuable.

With "Master Settings" you can enable/disable some of the more pronounced features that appear in the game.

Wicked Attributes

  • Added 'Take Away All Sims Wicked Attributes' interaction
Adding Wicked Attributes to all Sims is easy, but removing them from all Sims wasn't. If you changed your mind you can now fix things using the 'Take Away All Sims Wicked Attributes' interaction.


  • Added 'Sex' mood
  • Made moodlets relevant to sex primarily visible during sex
This is something different, a brand new mood! Although "Sex" isn't exactly a mood, it's an important step to indicate to the player what's happening with a Sim and expand the feature in general, offering additional context.

All moodlets that are relevant to sex will now be easily visible and recognizable, meanwhile, all other moodlets aren't as important at the moment so they become hidden. This will allow adding more story-telling or contextual moodlets without making things look cluttered.

And if you want to keep the original mood, you can still disable this feature in Sex Settings -> Sex Interaction -> Advanced Sex Interaction Settings -> Sex Mood Switch.

  • Added body attraction sex moodlets
And here are the first contextual moodlets to try out! Sims during sex will react to their sex partner's body. If they are really into their partner's cute butt, large breasts, or impressive muscles, they will gain these contextual moodlets to indicate how much they are enjoying it.

  • Improved smoothness of the sex interaction
  • Fixed first person camera during the sex interaction
The first person camera during sex is now fixed and won't be so wacky. If you don't know, you can enter the first person camera view by pressing Shift+Tab.
  • Made the 'Hypersexual' lot trait mostly remove sex location restrictions
The Hypersexual lot trait is now more powerful allowing you to make lots be a better place for sex gatherings or clubs.
  • Added 'Undress All Accessories' to Instant Undress during sex
Sometimes you just need to take off glasses and the hat but it takes a few extra clicks to do so. With the 'Undress All Accessories' interaction, all accessories will be undressed together to make things easier in these situations.
  • Added Solo Sex Autonomy Configuration Notification when solo sex autonomy occurs for the first time
Some might not like when Sims just leave to masturbate, so a notification will inform you about the possibility of disabling it. I would still like to introduce a better way of how solo sex autonomy works, but currently I don't have a good idea for it.
  • Added 'Active Player Sim Autonomy' and 'Active Player Sim Solo Autonomy' Sex Autonomy Awareness settings
These two settings let you decide if you want your currently selected Sim to participate in sex autonomy. The 'Active Player Sim Solo Autonomy' setting is disabled by default which means that the Sim you're controlling won't randomly leave to masturbate.
  • Made the 'Auto Dress Up After Sex' setting set to half still dress up Sims when at public venues unless a Sim is an exhibitionist
  • Improved consistency of the watching sex interaction
  • Fixed asking to join sex not displaying refusal reasons between NPC Sims

Sex Animations

  • Introduced Sex Context Tags
  • Added 'Display Sex Context Interactions' sex setting
  • Added 'Select Available Sex Contexts' sex setting menu
What is Context? It is what gives words and actions their meaning. How can sex be more meaningful and reactive? With the addition of Context!

This will help you find new animations of particular types, themes, or fetishes. It's an entirely new way of managing sex animations. If you don't like it, you can disable it in the 'Sex Context Settings' menu or you can adjust which contextual tags are displayed so you only see the ones you like. With contextual tags, sex gets so much better.

Currently, there are over 75 contextual tags that you can pick from. You can start or manipulate sex using the Context interactions by simply clicking on Sims and going into the Sex -> Context pie category. Just take a look at how many there are...

  • Added an ability to modify sex animation tags
You can adjust any playing animation tags by Shift+Clicking on the Sims playing the animation and going into "Wicked -> Modify Currently Playing Animation Tags". 

  • Added an ability to modify sex animation roles
Have you ever been annoyed by some animations having the wrong gender role applied or for it being too open? Or maybe you want specific animations to be available for same-sex pairs?

You can now adjust any playing animation roles by Shift+Clicking on the Sims playing the animation and going into "Wicked -> Modify Currently Playing Animation Roles". Select an animation actor you want to adjust and choose the gender role they should be accepting (this doesn't modify Sims, only the animation). Your changes will be saved into the personal Sex Animations Overrides system.

  • Added 'UNDRESS' event type
Animators can now use the 'UNDRESS' event type and specify the 'naked_type' variable to undress Sims at specific timed moments instead of it being tied to the beginning of the animation.
  • Added 'PULLED_OUT' actor tag
Animation actors can be tagged to detect if the animation involved pulling out before ejaculation. This applies only to climax animations and is the same behavior as setting the 'receiving_actor_cum_inside' variable to zero.
  • Sex animations cum event can now specify the "cum_layer_level" value
Each application of cum on a body part in an animation will increase the amount of cum on that body part, but animators can use the "cum_layer_level" variable to apply multiple levels at once.

This variable applies only when the used cum package supports levels.


  • Introduced Multi-Level Cum Layers
How about new cum textures, and then on top of these textures even more textures, and then still even more textures than that? The new Multi-Level Cum Layers system comes with 24 unique textures on 8 different body parts!

You can apply these manually on Sims, encounter them during sex, or if the animator decided to use a little more than usual

If you don't like the new textures or want to keep using a default override, no worries, just open the Cum Layers Package Selector and switch back to the "Default Classic" package.

Thank you to LittleDoxy for providing the new textures!
Check out their Patreon and Website for more CAS Custom Content!

  • Added 'Cum Layers Package Selector' menu
  • Added 'Cum Levels Selector Switch' setting
This isn't new, but it's finally used for something. With the Cum Layers Package Selector, located under "Sex Settings -> Cum Settings", you can choose which visual package for cum you want to use.

Creators from around the world can introduce their own cum packages instead of overriding the currently existing textures. Created packages can apply one level of cum, multiple increasing levels, or be randomized. And by enabling the 'Cum Levels Selector Switch' setting you can have full control of which texture is used which is mainly useful for images or videos

For anybody interested in creating, here's
the tutorial on how to do the technical side.
  • The 'Kaya Wipette' object now offers the function of wiping off cum
You're often on the go and don't have time to take a shower? No problem! Just carry with you Kaya Wipettes and instantly freshen up anywhere you are! Please remember that Kaya Wipettes are Non-Flushable.

Crabs STD

  • Purchasing the 'Crabs Immune' reward trait will now clear crabs from the Sim

Birth Control

  • Added 'Ask to Stop Using Birth Control' social interaction
Sims with developed friendship and romance can now decide together to stop using Birth Control. Currently, the main purpose of this is to allow for pregnancy to occur without adjusting any technical settings.

Sims that agree to stop using Birth Control will stop automatically taking birth control pills and using condoms during sex.

Menstrual Cycle

  • Sims can now autonomously apply both a Tampon and a Pad at the same time
If you have Sims that keep both tampons and pads in their inventory and allow them to auto use both, that process is now faster and won't require two separate interactions.


  • Added Genitals Personalization interactions
  • Removed 'Does this Sim have a penis?' CAS Gender Setting
Adjusting Sim genitals state in CAS was unnecessarily slow due to going through loading screens just to change one setting. This functionality is now available under Wicked -> Personalization -> Anatomy -> Genitals, and changing it is instant.

Previously Sims would use the Toilet Standing/Sitting hidden traits to determine their genitals, but that is no longer the case. New hidden traits to define Sim genitals were added and these traits are automatically given to Sims based on the Toilet Standing/Sitting Gender Setting

Your game will continue working as usual with these new traits and you no longer need to, or can, change Sim genitals in CAS.
Newly created Sims will still have their genitals determined by the Toilet Standing/Sitting Gender Setting, so you can continue to create Sims the same way you already do.

  • Improved Clothing Optional lot trait support
  • The 'ww.get_hard' command can now target other Sims
The current command is: "ww.get_hard <seconds_duration> [<first_name> <last_name>] [condom]"
An example to cause an erection for 100 seconds with a condom applied: "
ww.get_hard 100 Victor von_Doom condom

Here's a tip, command variables placed between <angular brackets> are required and variables placed between [square brackets] are optional.

Strip Club

  • Improved consistency of dancing pole/spot interactions
  • Improved consistency of the watching dancer interaction

Window Peeping

  • Watched Sims can now show off to the peeping Sim while naked
Just click on the peeping Sim when in the view of the window and show off what you got... if you think that's fun.
  • Sims will no longer react to ghost peeping Sims
Because you know, they are ghosts, you can't see them, they are already watching you anyway, no difference.
  • Newly created peeping Sims will not attempt to masturbate when visiting for the first time
  • Sims without the 'Window Peeping Enthusiast' trait will not attempt to masturbate when peeping
To make things more approachable, less sudden, and give new players a chance to understand what's happening, peeping Sims will not be so direct when visiting for the first time. After a few visits, they will get more comfortable and continue to behave like usual.
  • Fixed peeping Sims getting stuck when trying to use an umbrella


  • Added body attraction social moodlets
  • Added 'Attractiveness Social Attraction' setting
Similar to sex body attraction moodlets, Sims will react to the attractive body of their conversation partner. This will give your played Sim an idea if they like what they see and you the idea if you want to see them together.

These moodlets do not always appear during a conversation and stop showing up once a certain level of friendship or romance is reached

If you don't like these moodlets showing up during conversations, disable them by going into Relationship Settings -> Attractiveness Settings and uncheck the Attractiveness Social Attraction Switch setting.


  • Moved external backup custom save data to the 'save_data_backup' folder
To take away the confusion of WickedWhims save data begin saved within the 'saves' folder, it will all now be saved within the 'save_data_backup' folder instead. Most of the WickedWhims files present in the 'saves' folder is a backup in case the built-in system fails (and it did recently due to a game patch).

Your settings and configurations on Sims going away isn't a typical occurrence, there are two save systems in place to prevent that. It's a high priority for me to make sure this fundamental aspect of the mod always works correctly.



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