Update - WickedWhims v165j

Supported Game Versions:

1.77.146, 1.78.58, 1.79.93

Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!


⚠️Warning! The v165 release uses a new format to save data related to sex animations (disabled animations, favorites, playlists, etc.), and downgrading to an earlier release of WickedWhims can result in loss of that data.

Not all of the old data is completely lost, as some files are kept with the "UNUSED" prefix, so you can revert back to it, but you're required to handle renaming and moving of files on your own.

- Changelog -


  • Added support for the 1.79.93 (September 7th) game patch


  • Fixed clients not spawning after loading the game to an open strip club business
  • Fixed telling Sims to stop sex causing an error


  • Fixed an error after ending or restarting sex


  • Added support for the Cottage Living Expansion Pack
  • Fixed sex/dance animations something being misaligned


  • Exclusive compatibility with the 1.77.131/1.77.146 (July 20th/July 27th) game patch
  • Fixed Sims not removing their tampon/pad after their period ends
  • Made save data of dead Sims be automatically purged after each update


  • Fixed Strip Club Dancers getting stuck on tables/counters
  • Fixed the Hypofertile trait not working correctly for male Sims
  • Fixed Decorator career clients not being excluded from sex autonomy
  • Fixed selling peeping pictures not working
  • Improved support of gender preference altering traits
  • Improved backward compatibility


  • Fixed Attractiveness not updating Sims gender preference
  • Fixed not being able to apply 'Upper Back' cum layers
  • Fixed sex watching Sims failing to join in when invited
  • Fixed Autonomy Animations Disabler not displaying animation
  • Fixed shoe undressing not working correctly for child Sims


  • Fixed Attractiveness causing the Decorator Career to not work correctly
  • Fixed Attractiveness Likes and Dislikes inconsistency


  • Added sex animations support for Lounge Chaise Sofas
Animators can now use the 'CHAIR_LOUNGE_SOFA' category to make animations for Lounge Chaise Sofas. They are slightly different than regular lounge chairs so some existing lounge chair animations might not fit them.
  • Introduced early Sectional Sofas detection
These sofas are recognized as a new location category so no existing sex animations are currently usable. I don't recommend making animations for sectional sofas just yet as supporting them properly is needed to fully utilize their potential.
  • Fixed certain objects rotating when used for sex
  • Fixed ending a sex interaction too quickly causing an error
  • Made sectional sofas work for Strip Clubs Watchers
  • Added "Simple Attractiveness" to CAS Likes & Dislikes
  • Added new hair colors to Attractiveness 

You can now adjust Sims Attractiveness Preferences in CAS using the Likes & Dislikes interface! As you might notice, not everything that's possible to configure in regular Attractiveness is available in Simple Attractiveness... that's because it's simple!
Certain preference options have been simplified to correspond to multiple preferences in regular Attractiveness. For example, liking "Brown Hair Color" will simultaneously like all 5 different types of Brown Hair Color. This should help with the limited number of likes/dislikes and make selecting things more efficient.
Your selections in CAS Attractiveness will automatically synchronize with in-game Attractiveness choices. This does not work the other way around, meaning that your choices of Attractiveness in-game won't synchronize with choices in CAS. That's because of the process of simplification and because of the limit of likes and dislikes. CAS choices take priority and will always take precedence over your in-game choices.
You can still adjust preferences of Sims in-game along with CAS Likes & Dislikes or even completely ignore the ability to adjust preferences in CAS. Note that because choices in CAS take precedence, changing a preference of something in-game that is an established choice in CAS will not work and that change will be overridden by the CAS selection. Not selecting anything in CAS will not remove your choices in-game.


  • Confirmed compatibility with the 1.75.125 (May 27th) game patch
  • Added compatibility for the CAS Likes & Dislikes
Changing Sim color preference in CAS will automatically sync the choices in Attractiveness. Sims existing preferences won't be removed.
  • Added partial support for the new hair colors
Pubic Hair and Attractiveness now partially support the newly added hair colors. Attractiveness will most likely need a proper addition of these new hair colors to the preferences picker.


  • Added an ability to allow individual Sims for "Any Gender Role" in sex
Instead of enabling in setting "Recognition of Male/Female as Both" or "Anything Goes", you can now simply allow a Sim to be able to fit into any gender role. This enables the Sim to play both the Male and the Female role in sex at the same time, which is especially useful for same-sex pairs, without altering all Sims behavior in the world via settings.
Click on a Sim and go into Wicked -> Personalization -> Role Assignment -> Gender Role and "Allow Any Gender Role".

  • Asking to Join Sex Dialog now includes an option to prevent anybody from attempting to join
Sims asking to join can now be rejected with a new "No, nobody can join in." response option, which will prevent any further attempts to join from other Sims.
  • Rebalanced Sex Satisfaction for more excitement
  • The amount of Friendship and Romance gained from sex is now affected by the satisfaction outcome
  • Made sex that only consists of teasing sex animations not result in sex satisfaction moodlets
  • Made the 'Talk about Fantasies' romantic interaction require less Romance
The previous implementation of Sex Satisfaction was very generous in giving Sims a lot of reasons to be satisfied from sex. I took all of that away and instead focused on the real reason to be satisfied, as well as made the negatives more pronounced with the idea that sex should be satisfying in general.
This should make mistakes a lot more meaningful towards the outcome and active attempts to improve the experience actually matter.
  • Added 'Time Limit & Climax Finish' to the Player Sex Duration settings
Selecting this option in the Player Sex Duration menu will make sex end either after an adjustable duration or after a climax sex animation finishes playing.
  • Made the Town Mascot, Scarecrow, Flower Bunny, and Grim Reaper available for sex
  • Fixed Scarecrow, Flower Bunny, Grim Reaper, Bonehilda, or any skeleton visuals disappearing during sex
All of the special Sims are now available to participate in sex and their special visuals will stay during the fun. They don't have any additional "sex instruments" like Servo Sims do, at least not yet. And they don't participate in sex autonomy, you have to involve them on your own.
  • Improved jealousy reaction to encountering Sims in sex
  • Made Sims not get jealous when at a sex club gathering

Sex Animations

  • Introduced Sex Animations Overrides
With the massive amount of available animations, it's difficult to go back and enhance them with additional functionalities and flavor. This is especially true for animations that come from inactive creators. That's where the Animations Overrides implementation comes in.
With the Animations Overrides you're capable of introducing your own edits to the properties and functionality of animations, but currently that's not being utilized in this release.
All overrides are stored in the saves folder and can be shared between users. Additional files that are placed within the "sex_animations_overrides" folder will be loaded with the priority configured inside of the file. This allows sharing and combining overrides to eventually create the ultimate override file to rule them all and provide all users with the best experience possible.
  • Added a notification informing about newly installed sex animations
Every time you turn on the game with newly installed animations, you will be informed about it, assuring you that you do have new stuff to check out. I hope this helps with the exploration of sex animations from multiple different creators, so you can be quick at giving them the feedback they need.

Sex Autonomy

  • Added 'Maximum Sex Actors Limit' Autonomy Specifics setting
If you're tired of Sims forming huge orgies every time some NPC Sims have sex, reducing the Maximum Actors Limit number will help with that.
  • Fixed Sex Autonomy allowing random NPC Sims to enter residential lots


  • Fixed visual effects and cum layers sometimes not ending up on the right Sim
  • Reimplemented displaying of cum on Sims
No more stuck cum layers on Sim's body! And, cum no longer becomes part of the Sim outfit, so it won't show up in CAS or when saving a Sim to the gallery.


  • Added 'Wicked Lubricant' item to the Wicked Store
  • Added the ability to Apply Lubricant for Pleasure to increase sex satisfaction
  • Added the ability to Apply Lubricant to the Entire Body for a shiny look
To make Sims sexual experiences smoother, apply some lube for pleasure. Doing so will increase Sims satisfaction from sex. The same effect can be achieved by applying lube to the entire body with the bonus of shiny skin.
Lube will dissolve on its own after a couple of hours or a Sim can take a shower or bath to clean it off.
The Wicked Lubricant Bottle was created by Kritical. Thank you!
Check out their content on LoversLab.
And consider supporting them on Patreon.

Pregnancy / Menstrual Cycle

  • Simplified Pregnancy Settings mode changing
Changing the overall pregnancy behavior is now two simple switches rather than a separate menu which should make the process easier, especially for anybody new.
  • Added a Pregnancy Configuration notification

  • Added Pregnancy-Not-Allowed notification
  • Updated the Potential Pregnancy notification to state correct information
  • Made the Potential Pregnancy notification display for all involved in sex Sims
Pregnancy can be a big unknown, especially when playing with the Menstrual Cycle. Most of the time the source of the issues is not technical, as it comes from Sims not being fertile, using birth control, being unlucky, or not even allowed to become pregnant. The only other common problem is no more space in the household for a baby, which will now show up as a notification informing you about it.
And the notification about potential pregnancy no longer states that attempting conception sex multiple times won't work. Sims can actually try to conceive every 8 in-game hours.
  • Manual non-instant usage of tampons/pads no longer displays a notification
  • Added 'Birth Control Effect on Period' Menstrual Cycle setting
For those who want Sims to experience periods, but still prevent pregnancy with Birth Control Pills, disable this setting to make Birth Control Pills not affect the menstrual cycle PMS/period.

Birth Control

  • Reimplemented displaying of condoms on Sims
Condoms will now persist visually when switching outfits during sex.


  • Added support for undressing special outfits
Like climbing gear, festival shirts, or Batuu mission outfits. Previously these outfits would be always visible on the Sim body without any way of undressing them. Now, I'm selectively detecting these outfit parts and merging them with the actual Sim outfit so you are able to undress Sims properly.
  • Improved support of club outfits for undressing
  • Improved Shoe Removal Sign/Rack behavior
I didn't realize how badly implemented the shoe rack/sign is until I tried to support it better. Sims will no longer attempt to take off shoes if they already don't have shoes on and will not attempt to put on slippers if you specifically undressed their shoes beforehand. How dumb is that, why would you need to see the shoe undressing/dressing up animation when the Sim never had shoes on in the first place...
  • Expanded the 'Respect Child Sims Eyes' setting to offer a balanced respect option
The previous functionality of this setting when enabled was pretty overpowered, but for a good reason. Now you can choose a mid-setting option that is a little less overpowered and should fit general gameplay better for some.
  • Fixed missing notification text when playable Sims dress up
  • The 'ww.get_hard' command can now take the 'condom' argument

Strip Club

  • Strip Club employees now actually earn money per hour (in addition to tips)
  • Strip Club employees will now receive an earnings notification after leaving work
  • Fixed playable Strip Club employees not properly clocking in when present on the lot during opening

  • Clients now gain fun from simply hanging out at the club
  • Playable dancers needs/motives are no longer locked
When playing as a dancer you will now have to deal with the usual needs of a Sim, but their decay is slowed down to not be too distracting.
  • Sims using the dancing pole or dancing spot now gain fun
  • Bartending dancers will finally clean the bar when it gets dirty
  • Shooing loiterer clients will now temporarily decrease the chance of spawning trash around the club
  • Using a Stereo is now a valid alternative to having a DJ Booth
  • Supply deliveries now happen twice a day, at 12PM and 12AM
  • Multiple supply orders are no longer bunched together and instead every order counts as individual
Ordering supplies for the bar should now be a lot less confusing and a lot more consistent. Every order is scheduled either for 12PM or 12AM, depending on which one is further ahead in time. Ordering before 12AM will schedule a delivery for 12PM, and ordering after 12AM will schedule an order for 12AM the next day. So in short, your order can be delivered after between 13 hours to 24 hours, depending on how well you plan it.
  • Blocked most of Eco Living NAPs interactions when at the Strip Club
  • The 'Buy a Strip Club' interaction now says it requires the 'Get to Work' expansion pack when you don't have it
  • Added 'animation_negative_duration_offset' variable for strip club dance animations XML configuration


  • Reimplemented displaying of sweat on Sims
No more stuck sweat on Sim's body! And, sweat no longer becomes part of the Sim outfit, so it won't show up in CAS or when saving a Sim to the gallery.

Pubic Hair

  • Reimplemented displaying of pubic hair on Sims
It's quicker and safer, the best kind of combination. And it not longer becomes part of the Sim outfit, so it won't show up in CAS or when saving a Sim to the gallery.


  • Added 'Go to Tanning Salon' rabbit hole interaction
Why is tanning only possible when it's warm and sunny outside? Just go to a Tanning Salon!
Requires the 'Island Living' expansion pack.

Window Peeping

  • Added a Window Peeping Configuration notification
Some found it surprising that a suspicious bald man shows up at their house and peeps through their windows. I get it, it's pretty weird, so you should at least get a warning when it is about to happen for the first time.


  • ⚠️Shortened the first loading time for users with a large number of sex animations
But how? Well, magic. Actually, animations were slow to load due to generating unique identifiers for them. These identifiers are used to manage animations faster by the code and be stored in save data. The newly implemented generation of identifiers is three times faster and a necessary step to gain extra time for processing of the overrides system.
Is there a downside? No, but there's a reason I'm mentioning this. Because all of your old save data contains old animation identifiers, the process of converting has to occur the first time you load a pre-v165 game save. Converting still requires the usage of old identifiers, so the actual first loading will still be slow. This process will rename old WickedWhims save files to their new format. The 'disabled_animations.json', 'animations_favorites.ww', and 'animations_playlists.ww' files will be saved with new names and the old files will be disabled*.
Once the automatic process of converting old animations identifiers is finished, downgrading to an earlier release of WickedWhims will not load the old save data related to sex animations. *The old files are renamed to begin with the "UNUSED" prefix, so you can revert back to them, but you're required to handle renaming and moving of files on your own.
  • Improved responsiveness of the interactions pie menu when clicking on Sims
  • Improved overall performance and load times
  • Fixed some modded CAS parts randomly appearing on occult Sims
  • Improved compatibility with Lumpinou's mods



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