Update - WickedWhims v163h

Supported Game Versions:

1.70.84, 1.71.86, 1.72.28, 1.73.57, 1.74.59

Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!


- Changelog -


  • Fixed Sims randomly being seen as naked when not
  • Improved consistency of loading running sex instances
  • Fixed the Legacy Edition warning not working on all versions of the game

v163f + v163g

  • Compatibility with the 1.72.28 (March 23rd) game patch
  • Fixed Sims using fireplaces when going to custom rabbit holes
  • Fixed jungle rentable lots not being detected as residential
  • Fixed Strip Club dancers getting embarrassed from being naked
  • Improved consistency of tampon/pad moodlets
  • Added 'BUNK_BED' sex location category to Sex Animations XML
  • Added 'object_geometry_state' variable to Sex Animations XML animation entries
  • Added 'prop_geometry_state' variable to Sex Animations XML prop entries


  • Fixed peeping Sims causing errors
  • Fixed sex autonomy not considering bottom bunk beds as a sex location


  • Improved consistency of loading running sex instances
  • Improved consistency of ending sex instances after travel
  • Fixed condoms usage notification displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed Sims with a leaking pad/tampon not replacing it


  • Prevented a rare sex-related error when reloading a location
  • Fixed asking for sex dialog showing up with peeping Sims
  • Fixed pads effects not being removed when replacing the used pad
  • Added support for the Set Sexuality Mod by YourFalseHope


  • Added 'Wicked Store' rabbit hole for a convenient way of purchasing items
You're not longer required to order items and wait for them or buy them through Build/Buy. Just send a Sim to the Wicked Store rabbit hole and bring anything you need, the trip only takes 25 minutes. How convenient, almost like it's a convenience store!

  • Made door, stereo, and TV interactions available to Sims in sex
This applies only if the 'Vanilla Interactions Switch' sex setting is disabled.
  • Made the Celebrity Disguise prevent Sims sexual satisfaction from being affected by the celebrity status
  • Improved consistency of actors role/gender assignment with vague animations
  • Improved consistency of animation playlists
  • Fixed Sims traits not being properly checked when attempting asking for sex
  • Improved Sims refusing sex notification consistency
  • Fixed Sims joining to sex displaying refusal notification when the player refuses instead
  • Fixed sex swinging clubs not working properly
  • Fixed sex failing to start or continue with certain complex objects
  • Improved handling of CC objects with incorrectly mapped parts
  • Fixed sex not stopping correctly when traveling to a different location
  • Fixed Bats WooHoo not working with Transforming WooHoo into TFB enabled

Sex Autonomy

  • Improved scoring of sex locations
  • Fixed NPC Sims invading your home to have sex
  • Fixed the 'Haunted House' lots not being detected as residential

Sex Animations

  • Fixed sex animations XML positioning not working correctly
  • Added 'REMOVE_CONDOM' animation event type
Animators can now run the 'REMOVE_CONDOM' event to take off a condom from a Sim during sex to accurately display fluid-related visual effects and props.

Menstrual Cycle

  • Added 'Normal-To-Long' Menstrual Cycle Duration
For players with a custom life duration that's between 61 and 244 days of adult life, the Normal-To-Long duration should provide a better experience.
  • Made tampon/pad use interactions on toilets not visible for Sims without a menstrual cycle
Or when the Menstrual Cycle mode is disabled.
  • Made changing tampon/pad on toilets relieve Sim bladder


  • Added support for makeup/outfit color sliders
Undressing with custom makeup (or clothing) would previously result in their custom colors resetting. Color sliders are now fully supported for all undressing functions.
  • Fixed 'Change into Nude' being available to Sims with the 'Proper' trait
  • Improved handling of duplicated outfit identifiers for undressing

Strip Club

  • Added the 'ww.stripclub_hire_janitor_sim' command

Porcelain Dolls

  • Added debug interaction to turn Sim back into human


  • Introduced 'Attractiveness Frozen World View' as the new default behavior
  • Added 'Attractiveness Dynamic World View Switch' setting
Frozen? World View? What does this mean? 😱 In short, Sims perspective on how attractive something is depended on how commonly it appears in the world. As new Sims are generated in your world, they affect how common certain clothing, body shapes, and other attractive elements are, by introducing more of them to the world. Because something is very common, it becomes less special and loses its attractiveness appeal. This is why some Sims change their opinion on how attractive another Sim is because the world is shaping them this way.
So what happens when the World View is Frozen? Your current world view gets frozen and persists to the end of time, preventing Sims attractiveness opinion of others to change because of the continuously growing world population. Still, Sims attractiveness views will change if their clothing, body or other details change, or their preferences change. Attractiveness still works exactly the same as before except it doesn't unpredictably alter things behind your back.
Don't like that change? Want to keep the dynamic World View? Easy, go to Wicked Settings -> Relationship Settings -> Attractiveness Settings -> Advanced Attractiveness Settings and enable the Attractiveness Dynamic World View setting.
  • Asking about preferences is no longer unavailable when Sims are incompatible
  • Asking about preferences will now inform about Sims lack of interest due to gender preference
  • Improved writing of Attractiveness functions and interactions
To hopefully encourage more people to experiment, certain words have been altered to appear less technical. This comes with a simplification of certain functionalities to make them easier to understand.
"Generating" is now "Developing" to indicate it's about creating rather than some kind of raw technical process that requires more brainpower.
"Generator Mode" is now "Strength" as that is its purpose, to make the developed attractiveness matter more or less.
Made Developing Attractiveness based on Romantic Partners available for Promised pairs.


  • Improved translation strings to properly handle numbers and plural words



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