Update - WickedWhims v162g

Supported Game Versions:

1.69.59, 1.70.84, 1.71.86

Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!


- Changelog -


  • Confirming compatibility with the 1.70.84 (January 21st) game patch
  • Added support for the new Scared emotion


  • Fixed Sim breasts texture shadow artifact
  • Fixed any potential cases of Strip Club employees leaving after shooing clients
  • Fixed Sims sometimes not staying naked after loading screens


  • Added proper support for the new skin tones format!
  • Fixed 'Have Sex' interaction not working in exceptional situations
  • Improved detection of BATHTUB and CORNER_BATHTUB sex locations


  • Fixed Strip Club Dancers leaving work after shooing a loiterer
  • Fixed the 'Random' Attractiveness Generator Type not being completely random
  • Made 'Ask about Attractiveness Preferences' interaction unavailable when the Sim gender preference is not compatible with your Sim
  • Made the 'INCREASE_HYGIENE', 'INCREASE_BLADDER' and 'INCREASE_HUNGER' sex animation actor tags more powerful


  • Significantly improved simulation performance


  • Improved alien skins consistency
  • Fixed one vampire skin not working

General / Wicked Attributes

  • Compatibility for the 1.69.57 (December 7th) game patch
  • All of the newly added base game skin tones are now compatible
No more pitch black penises! You're required to enable 'Uncompressed Sim Textures' and disable 'Laptop Mode' in Graphics Settings.
I'm mentioning this specifically as making all of the skin tones work is a temporary solution that's not ideal. It might not be the most efficient or pretty solution, but you shouldn't be able to tell anything is different, although some potential issues might occur.
Currently, the only known to me issue is that tanned males will have odd coloring around their penis area. This will hopefully be solved with a proper solution at some point.
  • Added 'Randomize Wicked Attributes' interaction
Wicked Attributes can now be randomized on Sims. After choosing the 'Randomize Wicked Attributes' interaction you will get to select which Sims will receive new attributes. The selected attributes will be randomly distributed on the selected Sims, and you will receive a notification confirming the operation.


  • Added 'Sexual Role Recognition' pie menu
  • Removed the 'Sim Specific Gender Recognition' setting
With the Sexual Role menu, you can define if a Sim should be considered the Top or the Bottom in a sex interaction. This will mainly be useful for same-sex pairs, although it will have an effect for heterosexual pairs in certain animations or with certain settings enabled.
With Sexual Role and Gender Role bundled under the Role Assignment menu, you can fine-tune the way Sims will behave during sex. You might still encounter minor inaccuracies that come from incorrect animations configuration, but methods of adjusting that are on the way.
The reason for the 'Sim Specific Gender Recognition' setting being removed is simply because it's now always enabled. More users should be aware of this functionality, allowing them to make women dominate over males, same-sex pairs having access to more animations, or just being able to manipulate more things your way.

  • Added 'Selfish Lover' Wicked Attribute
Sims can now obtain the 'Selfish Lover' Wicked Attribute that makes them have more satisfaction from sex. This makes them more demanding and results in their sexual partner receiving less satisfaction from sex. Guess what happens when both are this demanding.

  • Added 'Categorize Animation Authors' setting to Sex Interaction settings
Enabling this setting introduces an additional authors menu when selecting sex animations. Before seeing the list of animations, you get to choose the author of the animations first, and after selecting an author, you only see the animations made by them. This should help explore animations of authors you haven't tried before or focus on the ones you tend to enjoy the most.
  • Added Sex Categories menu when selecting an animation on changing sex location
  • Improved 'Have Sex' interaction reliability
  • Reactions to sex are now affected by active sentiments
  • Sims now gain slightly more friendship/romance from sex
  • Fixed Sims not resetting their assigned strapon after the strapon mod is deleted
  • Fixed 'Cuckold/Cuckquean' Sims not reacting properly to sex when partner Sim has the 'Player' trait

Sex Playlists

  • Sims joining to sex autonomously now attempt to keep the currently active playlist
  • Fixed currently playing sex animation not being visually selected in the playlist menu

Sex Autonomy

  • Added 'Disabled' and 'Very Low' Autonomy Intensity Presets
  • Made Autonomy Intensity Presets visibly selected in settings
  • Added Settings Configuration Advice notification for Sex Autonomy
Existing Autonomy Intensity Presets received minor tweaks alongside the introduction of the 'Disabled' and 'Very Low' presets.
Additionally, encountering autonomous sex for the first time in your game will come with an advice notification, suggesting tweaking autonomy settings to your liking. You will receive this notification even if you already set things the way you like, so just ignore it.

  • Sims with the 'Romantic' trait are more likely to begin autonomous sex with Teasing sex animations
  • Sims with the 'Selfish Lover' and 'Self-Absorbed' traits are more likely to begin autonomous sex with Oraljob sex animations
  • Sims with the 'Hates Children' trait are less likely to begin autonomous sex with Vaginal sex animations
Before autonomous sex occurs, the initiating Sim decides which sex category will be used for the starting animation. Previously this was random, but now it depends on Sims traits unless they don't have any of these traits, then it's still random.
  • Made toilets a less desirable sex location
  • Made tiny rooms very unlikely to be picked as a sex location

Sex Animations

  • Fixed Hot Springs being detected as Bathtubs
  • Fixed Corner Bathtubs being detected as regular Bathtubs
  • Added 'CORNER_BATHTUB', 'COFFIN', and 'STOVE' sex animation location categories
  • Added 'INCREASE_BLADDER' and 'INCREASE_HUNGER' sex animation actor tags


  • Added 'Limitless Cum Switch' setting to Cum Settings
Enabling this setting allows you to apply cum layers on Sims even when a Sim capable of producing cum is not present in sex. This is for the juice lovers.
  • Added 'Cum Auto Apply Switch' setting to Cum Settings
Disabling this setting disallows auto applying of cum layers during and after sex. You are in control of when and where things get sticky.
  • NPC Sims will now autonomously Freshen Up at mirrors to clean cum off their body
  • Fixed NPC Sims not taking a shower when dry cum is on their body

Porn Watching

  • Fixed watching porn always displaying the same video

Birth Control

  • Custom Content condom boxes are now automatically added to the Wicked Store
Any and all Custom Content creators that introduced their own condoms can now easily configure their box of condoms to appear in the Wicked Store. Actually, they don't even need to configure anything, as it just works. And if it doesn't, let that creator know, and I will help make it work.


  • Added 'Enable/Disable for Nudity Autonomy' cheat interaction
  • Sims now use the new shoe undressing animation for undressing shoes
  • Fixed Nudity Pressure moodlets sometimes not resetting after dressing up

Strip Club

  • Added height sliders support for dancers
  • Added the 'Height Slider Mods Support' setting to Strip Club Settings
Same limitations apply as for sex animations. Only the Luumia, REDHEADSIMS, and simmythesim/tedw height sliders are supported.
  • Improved reaction time of clients when asking them to leave

Window Peeping

  • Added 'Window Peeping Enthusiast' Wicked Attribute
The 'Window Peeping Enthusiast' Wicked Attribute was added to make introducing new Peeping Sims into your world easier. Simply assign this attribute to any Sim you like and they will randomly spawn at residential lots to peep on naked Sims


  • Added 'Gender Preference Distribution Weights' setting to Relationship Cheats
This menu is for adjusting newly generated Sims gender preference distribution weights. To simplify, when a new Sim is added to your world, they randomly choose which sex they are attracted to, and these values decide about it.
This is a base game mechanic, and the values you see below are the default distribution weight values. Attractiveness uses this mechanic to figure out Sim's preference for a particular gender. Normally there's no way to affect this, but altering the distribution weights is safe to do and will be compatible with other mods you have.
The menu below has a field in which you specify the probability of a given gender preference being selected for a newly generated Sim. These values are limitless, but it's best to see them as percentages, ranging from 0 to 100.
Making the first value higher will cause Sims to generate more often with no preference at all. The second and third value manipulates the probability of heterosexual and homosexual Sims appearing in your world. And the last value is simply for bisexual Sims appearing more or less commonly in your world.


  • Added support for the LGBT Mod by PimpMySims4
Newly assigned sexuality will automatically update Sim Attractiveness Preferences.
  • Made Attractiveness support all of the new skin tones
  • Fixed inconsistency of displayed attractiveness level after game loading
  • Fixed Attractiveness Sims selectors showing incorrect Sims



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