Update - WickedWhims v161c

Supported Game Versions:
1.66.139, 1.67.45, 1.68.156

Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!


- Changelog -

v161c [2020-11-16]

  • Attractiveness and WooHoo compatibility with the Snowy Escape Expansion Pack
  • Introduced a temporary fix for issues with 'Remove Shoes Indoors' and 'Wear Slippers Indoors' lot rules when undressing

v161b [2020-11-11]

  • Added compatibility for the 1.68.156 (November 17th) game patch
  • Fixed Wicked items disappearing from Sims inventory when flagging household as unplayed
  • Fixed Sex Animation Tuning variables 'animation_x_offset' and 'animation_z_offset' not working

⬆️⬇️↩️ Sex Positioning

Sex Positioning is a feature allowing you to reposition sex participants and sex objects within the 3D space however you like.

To access the positioning functionality, click on one of the sex participants and 'Enable Positioning' under Sex -> Actions. This will display all of the controls.

The Sex Positioning controls consists of...

  • The Purple Disco Ball, which allows you to adjust position and rotation increments, select which elements should be adjusted, and reset the positioning.
  • The Green Arrows, which allow you to move things on the horizontal axis in four directions.
  • The Blue Arrows, which allow you to move things on the vertical axis, up and down.
  • The Red Arrows, which allow you to rotate things clockwise or counterclockwise.

You can see all of the arrows in action on this disgusting gif below. Why can't I include videos... come on itch...

Clicking on the Purple Disco Ball reveals more manipulation options. There you can...

  • Adjust Position Increment to 0.01, 0.05, 0.5, and 1.0 distance units or any custom value you want.
  • Adjust Rotation Increment to 0.5, 1.0, 5.0, and 45.0 degrees or any custom value you want.
  • Switch Rotation Axis to Pitch, Yaw, or Roll.
  • Select Positioning Participants, which includes all Sims, the object used for sex, and all used props. You can select elements in groups or individually. All participating Sims are selected by default.
  • Reset Positioning, which brings everything back to its original state. This is especially important as your positioning alterations persist between animations in case they are a sequence.

How is this feature useful? As of right now, anybody who is interested in taking screenshots or recording videos to share will have a lot more control over things. This can help fine-tune everything, avoid unwanted clipping, align Sims of different height, use animations on other objects, or... make abstract art?


  • Added Sex Positioning
No longer tied down! Now you can move your body freely! See above.
  • Made Batuu aliens not undress their mask during sex
  • Fixed Sims positioning after sex on the floor
  • Fixed sex refusal notification showing up when manually refusing sex
  • Ported the 'Transform WooHoo into TFB' setting from WonderfulWhims
  • Made the 'Native Pregnancy Override' setting be disabled by default

Menstrual Cycle

  • Sims can now use their Period Tracker even if they didn't experience their first period yet
  • Fixed replacing Pads/Tampons not properly resetting the usage timer


  • Added Nudity Pressure
    • Sims gradually begin to feel the pressure of being naked in an uncomfortable situation
    • Sims get embarrassed if pushed to their limit of being naked in an uncomfortable situation
  • Added 'Nudity Pressure Switch' setting to disable the pressure behavior

Sims can now undress in a lot more situations instead of immediately claiming they aren't ready for it. This of course comes with a cost, as undressing in a setting that causes a Sim to get uncomfortable will still result in them dressing up and a bit of embarrassment.
Sim Naturism or Exhibitionism skill still defines the limit of how much they are comfortable with undressing outdoors or around others. They can still attempt undressing in risky situations with a low skill level, but that can end up getting uncomfortable and embarrassing.
  • Made Revealing and Underwear outfits not contribute to Sim nudity skills
With the new ability to push Sims into uncomfortable situations, they get a lot more chances to get used to nudity. This makes gaining skill from revealing or underwear outfits somewhat obsolete and removes random skill gain when unwanted. Mirror usage is an exception to this, as you can still use it to level up.

  • Added Nudity Proximity 👀
Are there beautiful naked bodies all around you? Of course there are, but you don't care, because you don't have these revolutionary moodlets. With Nudity Proximity moodlets, Sims will have a constant reaction to their bare surroundings.
The type of Nudity Proximity moodlet depends on the Attractiveness towards the Sims around. If an attractive Sim is nearby, you will receive a positive moodlet, but otherwise it will be negative. For users with Attractiveness disabled, there is no negative moodlet, and a positive one depends on Sim gender preference. It takes around 10 in-game minutes for these to show up and disappear, as this is using the base game proximity implementation.
Regular reactions to nudity are untouched, this is just an extra on top of it.

  • Moved Nudity 'Notifications Settings' to be under 'Outfit Undressing Settings'
  • Added the 'Display Player Sims Notifications' and 'Display NPC Sims Notifications' nudity notification settings
  • Removed the 'Notifications Household Limit Switch' setting
  • Fixed 'Embrace Nudity' clubs not behaving correctly
  • Fixed nudity vampire powers not working
  • Improved Body Selector reliability

Strip Clubs

  • Fixed Batuu NPC Sims showing up in Strip Clubs


  • Fixed online version checking not working
  • Made the Wicked Attributes menu stay open after giving/taking away a trait
  • Fixed the 'ww.remove_tongue' command not updating Sim outfit
  • Improved Sims-related operations reliability
  • Sex animations can now use the 'animation_x_offset' and 'animation_z_offset' actor variables



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