Update - WickedWhims v157c

Supported Game Versions:
1.60.54, 1.61.15, 1.62.67, 1.63.136, 1.64.84, 1.65.70

Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!


- Changelog -


  • Compatible with the 1.65.70 game patch (July 23rd)
  • Made Playful Sex Satisfaction moodlets not contribute to Death by Laughter
  • Improved fade out and fade in transition for sex initiation
  • Fixed NPC Sims never reaching climax
  • Fixed cum being applied on Sims even when using a condom
  • Capped Sex Satisfaction moodlets duration
  • Decreased probability of autonomous masturbation for Sims visiting a household
  • Improved consistency of new version alert


  • Fixed Sims outfits missing after traveling to a different lot
  • Fixed some missing text issues


  • Added 'Wicked Attributes' menu for picking special attribute traits for Sims
  • Moved the 'Cum Slut', 'Cuckold', 'Sexually Abstinent', 'No Underwear', and 'Polyamorous' traits from the Rewards Store to the 'Wicked Attributes' menu
All non-rewarding traits have been moved to a new menu that is accessed by clicking on any Sim and going to Wicked -> Personalization -> Wicked Attributes. You can freely give and take away any of these traits and Sims who already have them, will continue to keep them.

  • Moved the 'Body Selector', 'Pubic Hair', 'Clothing', 'Gender Recognition', and 'Sim Statistics' interactions to the new 'Personalization' pie category
The number of interactions is growing and trying to fit them all under the Wicked pie category is becoming messy. Most of the Sim-specific and occasionally used interactions were moved to the newly added 'Personalization' pie category to make things look a little cleaner.

Sex General

  • Added the 'Fit Sex Animations To Sexual Orientation' advanced gender setting
Sex Animations Progression offers by default a very open model of choosing which animations are fitting for the Sims in the sex interaction. No matter the sexual orientation of Sims involved or the dominant sexual orientation created by the combination of Sims, all animations are available as long as they fit the required functional roles. This can become unfitting when the intent is to keep Sims in a heterosexual or homosexual oriented intercourse instead of it going back and forth.
By enabling the 'Fit Sex Animations To Sexual Orientation' setting, the sexual orientation of the sex interaction is determined by involved Sims, which is based on their functional role (has a penis or has a vagina). This only applies to pairs, as group sex is too contextually specific to have the confidence of the dominant sexual orientation. When the combination of Sims in the interaction is determined as homosexual or heterosexual, only sex animations flagged as such will be available and picked by progression.
  • Added the 'Climax Sex Animations' advanced sex interaction setting
Certain sex animations are configured to be assigned to the Climax sex category and used as the climax of the sex interaction. By disabling this setting, all of the climax sex animations will be reassigned to other sex categories (based on their actors actions). For example, if a climax animation has actors configured as performing vaginal sex, that animation will be recognized as a vaginal animation. If you don't like the concept of the climax animations category, this is a setting for you.
  • Fixed the 'Random' sex interaction being available when no random animations are available
Animation creators have the ability to flag animations as not available for randomization, which means that when you click the 'Random' button, these animations would be excluded from being picked. Certain objects only come with animations that are flagged as not allowed for randomization, which meant that clicking the 'Random' button would result in failure.

Sex Satisfaction

  • Introduced 40 new Sex Satisfaction moodlets
The entire Sex Satisfaction implementation has been redone and all that was present before has now been replaced by new content. Every sex interaction can now result in one of the 40 new moodlets, both positive and negative.
Romance-focused moodlets (6), Group Sex moodlets (4), Masturbation moodlets (4), Status and Age moodlets (14), Situational and Location moodlets (8), and Generic moodlets (4).
  • Added the 'Sexpertise' skill for becoming an expert in sexual knowledge
  • Added 3 Sexpertise skill books to help level up the new skill
For quite a while I was being asked about the missing 'Sex' skill and when it would be re-added to WickedWhims. Now I'm proud to announce that the 'Sex' skill is not being added and instead you get the 'Sexpertise' skill.
Sims Sexpertise reflects their knowledge about sexuality, intimacy, sexual desires, and how to be a better lover in bed. With the new Sexpertise skill books you can fairly quickly reach the third level, learning about all of the basics, and the rest is left to practice.
And of course, high Sexpertise level has a substantial impact on the sex satisfaction of your partners.

  • Updated sex satisfaction scoring
    • Sims Friendship and Romance relationship levels affect satisfaction
    • Sims Hygiene level affects satisfaction
    • Sims with the 'Slob' trait don't care about Hygiene
    • Sims with the 'Neat' or 'Squeamish' trait are affected by Hygiene more
    • Sims Energy level affects satisfaction
    • Sims in 'Energized' or 'Playful' mood are not affected by their low Energy level
    • Sims Bladder level affects satisfaction
    • Sims Desire level affects satisfaction
    • Sims Attractiveness level affects satisfaction
    • Sims affects each other with their mood
    • Sims  'Bro', 'Romantic', 'Active', 'Good', 'Cheerful', 'Evil', 'Mean', 'Loves Outdoors', 'Exhibitionist', 'Family Oriented', 'Compassionate' traits affect satisfaction
    • Sims 'Sexpertise', 'Fitness', 'Wellness' skills affect satisfaction
    • Sims reacting to sex affect satisfaction of Sims in sex
There are a bunch of factors that contribute to sex satisfaction and these are the more noticeable ones. Overall Sims sex life is fairly positive and most will have good experiences unless in a really bad state.

Sex Autonomy

  • Added additional short autonomy cooldown after sex per individual Sim
After a valid sex interaction, Sims receive a 45 in-game minutes cooldown before they consider starting a new autonomous sex interaction. The main purpose of this is to avoid Sims finishing a sex interaction and immediately starting to flirt after sex which could end up initiating a new sex interaction.
  • Added the 'Joining Sex Relationship Compliance' Autonomy Awareness setting
This one is difficult to explain, so let me start with an example. In a relationship, there are two male Sims and a female Sim. Both male Sims are romantically involved with the female Sim, but are not romantically involved with each other. In fact, they don't like each other very much. When one of the male Sims is having sex with the female Sim, the other male Sim cannot join because they find the male Sim in sex as uninteresting. That's because, when joining, all Sims are checked for their relationship scoring and it only takes one for the joining process to be aborted. By disabling the 'Joining Sex Relationship Compliance' setting, only one of the Sims in sex has to be interesting and the rest is ignored. This means, that now, the other male Sim can join, because they find the female Sim interesting, and the male Sim is ignored.


  • Added 'Hypofertile' Wicked Attribute (Trait)
Previously existing 'Infertile' trait has been removed in a recent update, as its purpose was redundant with the option to modify Sims fertility in CAS Gender Settings. The 'Hypofertile' Wicked Attribute (Trait) comes with a similar purpose, as any Sim with this trait will have their fertility lowered to mostly sub-1% chance. This applies to all genders with the Simple Pregnancy Mode and the Menstrual Cycle Mode.
  • Made Simple Pregnancy and Menstrual Cycle affect Try for Baby interactions
  • Added the 'Native Pregnancy Override' setting to disable WickedWhims overriding native pregnancy behavior
Big change, but it seems like there might be an audience for it. All Try for Baby interactions are now compatible with the Simple Mode and Menstrual Cycle Mode. This means that Sims will only get pregnant if WickedWhims pregnancy rules allow for it.

Menstrual Cycle

  • Fixed periods being paused for no reason

Birth Control

  • Added ability to take off condoms during sex
  • Added an 'Unreliable Mode' option to the 'Birth Control Accuracy' setting

Relationships General

  • Added 'Adulterer' Wicked Attribute (Trait)
Using the 'Adulterer' Wicked Attribute (Trait) will disable Sim compatibility checks related to being in an established relationship (girlfriend/boyfriend, engaged, married). By default, (unless disabled in settings), Sims in an established relationship will always refuse to have sex with anybody who is not their partner, which especially matters for Sex Autonomy. Adulterer Sims will ignore their established relationships when suggested sex.


  • Reworked and rebalanced the Desire system
  • Desire is now influenced by Attractiveness
  • Desire has now a greater effect on Sex Satisfaction


  • Added suppression of ASM Traverse errors

Porcelain Dolls

  • Added Porcelain Dolls

Inspect the oddly huge Porcelain Vase and stare deeply into its intriguing patterns that seem to swirl around when observed. 

Make a decision, a conscious decision, if you're willing to give away your mortal form and become a manifestation of joy and pleasure.

Enchanted into the form of a Porcelain Doll, Sims in this form are bound by the constraints of being a toy for humans, seeking attention and pleasures from others to avoid feeling neglected and useless.

Have fun and socialize with others, keep away the filth, and enjoy existence without the need to eat or drink.

Find an owner to be claimed by and take pleasure in playing together. As a doll, your purpose is to make others happy which makes you happy as well.

Thank you to Yulia Varasabi for the original visual concept:

Thank you to Nolan-Sims for creating the porcelain skin:

Thank you to Lupobianco for creating the sleeping animation:


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