Voyeurism - Window Peeping

This feature originated in WickedWhims v141.

What’s happening in side of that house? What are those noises? Is someone in there naked? Let’s take a peek through the window. 👀

All Window Peeping custom animations are made by wild_guy. Check out his stuff, he puts a lot of effort into making quality content:

Window Peeping

No one knows what you will see when peeking through a window into your neighbor’s house. Any Sim can do it, through any reachable window, at any house, or even public venue.

Peeping at others can get really boring when nothing is happening, or overly exciting when some naked bodies enter the view. Sex Autonomy and Nudity Autonomy are thankfully on your side, encouraging action to take place when you’re expecting it.

Showtime & Risk

When naked bodies present themselves in the window, especially through sexual activities, the showtime begins.

Be careful, getting caught can ruin your reputation, especially when the owner of the house sees you. If a Sim is not quick enough, they will easily get beat up and feel the consequences of peeping for the next few days.

Sometimes getting caught isn’t so bad. You never know, maybe the Sim on the other side of the window is into it. Exhibitionist Sims can get pretty thrilled about having an admirer and even invite them inside for some fun.

Shady Business

Why rely on the memories themselves when you can take pictures. Save the rare occasion of peeping on Sims having sex. Beside Sims taking pictures automatically, at any point, you can snap a photo yourself and add it to your collection.

Pictures of naked Sims and Sims having sex hold a lot of value, especially if they involve celebrities. When you feel particularly mischievous, consider selling them on the dark side of the web. Each picture taken automatically is worth some money, but don’t overdo it, as flooding the internet with pictures of the same Sims will eventually lower the interest.

Peeping Tom & Tina

Do you sense the feeling of someone looking at you? Could they be peeping through the window? Enjoy the thrill, or not, of being observed by neighbors creeping around your house, trying to catch you naked.

Peeping Sims will sometimes appear near your house and look for an opportunity to have some fun. The Sim that shows up is always picked based on the gender preference of the household residents.

WickedWhims comes with two creepy premade Sims to peep on you, but you’re welcome to delete them, remake them, or add your own.

Technical Details

  • Peeping NPC Sims can be either disabled or the probability of them showing up can be altered in the Nudity Settings.
  • Any Sim can be assigned as a Peeping NPC by giving them the ‘WickedWhims_Trait_Peeping_NPC_Sim_Hidden’ trait.
  • Autonomy of NPC Sims inviting player peeping Sims inside can be disabled and the probability of it occurring can be altered in the Sex Autonomy Settings.

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