Sweating - Shiny Bodies

This feature originated in WickedWhims v144.

Everybody sweats, even Sims, although that wasn’t very visible until now. Giving your Sims a workout will result in a gradually increasing layer of sweat on their body. With that, you can easily tell how much effort they put into trying to stay healthy and fit.

These amazing sweat overlays were made by Nolan-Sims, check out more content here:


Hot Activities

Anything that increases Sims body heat is going to make them sweat. Jogging, push ups, sit ups, stretching, running on a treadmill, climbing, boxing, practicing fighting, using a workout machine, playing basketball, skating, doing yoga, using a steam room, working out in front of a TV, fighting or sparring with someone, having sex, or taking an angry poop.

On hot sunny days, Sims will be sweating a lot more when performing actions outdoors. And sweating as much as a Sim possibly can, will make them uncomfortable. Still, pushing yourself to the limit isn’t so bad as you can just take a shower and feel completely refreshed.

Cool Relief

When Sim is done with their sweaty activities, all it takes to remove sweat is to gain hygiene back. Take a shower, a bath, go swimming, or use the sleeping pod. Simply waiting will gradually remove sweat as well.

Sims with the ‘Gym Rat’ trait sweat a lot less, and purchasing the 'No Sweat’ reward trait completely prevents sweating. Obviously, the entire feature can be disabled with 'Sweating Overlay Switch’ setting located in Nudity Settings.


Technical Details

  • The ‘Sweating Overlay Switch‘ setting allows the user to globally disable sweating in the entire world.
  • The ‘ww.clear_sweat [<first_name> <last_name>]‘ command allows to clear the sweat layer from the active Sim or the Sim of provided name.
  • The ‘ww.apply_sweat [<first_name> <last_name>]‘ command allows to apply a high level sweat layer for the active Sim or the Sim of provided name.

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