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The Both Options Pregnancy Mod (Intersex Mod) allows you to create a Sim that is capable of getting pregnant and getting other Sims pregnant at the same time.

If you want your Sim to give birth and get other Sims pregnant, try this mod!

Just set the pregnancy setting for ‘Both Options’ in the CAS Custom Gender Settings and your Sim will always be able to both get pregnant and impregnate.

This setting is not randomly applied to Sims.

Tested on the 1.90.358 (July 26th 2022) game version.

  • You do not need WickedWhims to use this mod.
  • This mod should work with default woohoo.
  • This mod is a tuning override, it has a high chance of breaking after a game update.

If you use any mods that change CAS core functionality - this mod overrides two critical files and will conflict with any other mod that edits them:

  • Client_CASTuning_Human (0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0xAF88EBAFBB8C2657)
  • Client_CASTuning_Human (0x545AC67A-0x004B5265-0xAF88EBAFBB8C2657)
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TURBODRIVER_Intersex_TuningOverride.package 7 kB